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Reach and Rescue Ultralite Carbon Fiber Rescue Pole

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Reach and Rescue Carbon Fiber Rescue Pole
Reach and Rescue Carbon Fiber Rescue Pole

USES AND APPLICATIONS: To accurately deploy flotation devices or other tools. The telescopic poles have adjustable clamps. Each clamp releases the section above in a smooth action enabling fast extraction / retraction.

HOW TO USE: To extend the pole, raise the thumb lever starting with the smallest top clamp first. A yellow section will extend from the top of the pole and it is this section that processes the multi-function tool fitting. When a flotation aid is required, firstly attach the yellow flotation ball then tighten the float ball collar until the float remains firmly in place then simply snap in place the relevant tool to accompany. Proceed with extending the pole and when a red band is seen push this back in until it is hidden. Then arch the thumb lever downwards until it stops. Continue with the next clamp down i.e n1, n2, n3 The flotation ball will take the weight of the pole and you can swing it over through the water to achieve the desired location. Closing the pole is the reverse of the above, however, during victim retrieval another technique is to pull the entire opened pole, hand over hand, behind your body for more speed should this be necessary. The yellow flotation ball is not normally used with 5m poles.

MAINTENANCE & PRECAUTIONS:It is advisable to keep the pole in the pole carry bag. All items are waterproof, but dry storage will prolong the life of the pole and pole carry bag. A pole end protector should be placed on the gold collar to avoid damage. After use open out the pole fully and clean / dry each section, also checking for any damage incurred to clamps or sections. All clamps should be checked for the correct torque and adjusted accordingly. All associated end fitting should be tested for the correct, mating with the pole multi functional collar. Throwbag needs usual checking and packing The pole protector head must be replaced after use

  • High visibility end section
  • Strong quick release clamp
  • Material: Carbon fibre material (ultralight)
  • Part # Open Length Collapsed Length Weight (kg) Float Required Base Section Dia.
    201718205 5m/16.4' 65" 3.9 lbs. (1.78 kg) No 1.8"
    201718209 9m/29.5' 82.7" 5.7 lbs. (2.6 kg) Yes 1.8"
    201718213 13m/42.7' 94.5" 10.3 lbs. (4.7 kg) Yes 2"
    201718217 17m/55.7' 102" 12.1 lbs. (5.5 kg) Yes 2"
    201718220 20m/65.6' 102" xx lbs. (xx kg) Yes 2"
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