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RescueTECH offers the best of Rescue Harnesses Technical Rope Rescue. From Class II Seat Harnesses and Class III Full Body Harnesses to Escape Harnesses and Belts, we have them all. Great for High Angle Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Water Rescue, Search and Rescue.

Full Body Rescue Harness
Full Body NFPA/OSHA Class III Rescue and CSR harnesses.
Seat Harness
Traditional Padded and Non-Padded NFPA Class II Seat Harnesses. Features Harnesses by: RescueTECH, Yates Gear
Industrial Harness
Traditional Full Body Fall Protection harnesses for industry. Features: Tower Harness
Escape / Survival Belt
A large selection of NFPA Escape Belts and Survival / Bailout Belts. Nylon and Kevlar available. F
Escape Harnesses
Escape Harnesses from RescueTECH. We make and design our own escape harnesses using our experience and ingenuity. We have the Turnout Harness in a Nylon Version and A Fire Resistant Version.
Fire Resistant
A full line of Heat Resistant Seat Harnesses and Escape Belts for the firefighter / rescuer. Features: Yates, Rescue Tech, Ladder Hook Extension Heat Resistant.
Victim Harness
Harnesses designed to be quickly attached to a victim. Full Body Harness, Seat Harness, and Victim
Chest Harness
Chest harnesses for Rescuers and Victims. Features: Rescue Tech, Yates
Harness Accessories
Accessories for all rescuers. Features Ladder Hook Extensions, Tower Lanyards, and harness pads.
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