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ISC RP204 Rope Grab Fixed Axle
ISC Rope Grab, Fixed Axle
Price: From $75.00 to $78.00
Manufactured from high strength aluminum alloy. Machined from thick-walled extrusion for extra durability. Shell has special curved rope interface section for superior rope strength and minimized rope damage.
TIMBER Arborist Harness
TIMBER Arborist Harness
Price: $315.00
Sale Price: $267.75
Adjustable sliding D-ring enables you to take safe, comfortable and effective work position. Wide padding provides superior comfort. Side D-rings for work positioning or gear attachment.
on sale
Price: $102.00
Acts as a mechanical prusik knot. Its bi-directional rope grabbing capability allows a multitude of uses. The swiveling rigging point lets this unit work with positioning ropes and permits the climber to climb past obstructions
CMI #California Swivel
CMI California Bridge Swivel
Price: $110.00
Finally, a multi attachment non pulley connections point for your suspensions bridge.
ISC RP227 STRYDER Foot Ascender
STRYDER Foot Ascender
Price: $70.00
Durability and Function are at the top of this list of characteristics for this ascender. Fully Adjustable strap system. Machined from alloy aluminum extrusion and features the same unique stainless steel cam as the PRO Ascender.
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