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PRIME Rigger Full Body Harness
Price: $275.00
NFPA Class III Full Body Harness. Meets the basic needs of rescue and working at height personnel. Primary rigging points on the front waist and chest. 2-pc shoulder strap adjuster allows easy side entry. SEI Certified NFPA 1983.
ISC D2 Escape Descender
D2 Escape Descender
Price: $108.00
Our newest Escape Descender for our EGRESS escape ropes. Allows for quick deployment and adjustment before the bail out. Rotating Handle provides exceptional control. Double Stop for safety.
Ruth Lee ShoutBox
Ruth Lee ShoutBox
Price: From $160.00 to $1,300.00
The ShoutBox is an interactive voice recorder which allows the instructor to record a message specific to the days training rescue equipment
ISC-R-ALF Rescue Kit, 5:1
ISC R-ALF Rescue Kit
Price: From $1,040.00 to $1,140.00
The R-ALF Pulley is the latest innovation in Rescue, Confined Space, and Work Suspension Systems. Includes an over-speed brake built in so that the pulley will lock and hold when a fall occurs. Creates a 3:1 or 5:1 mechanical advantage system.
Ruth Lee Confined Space Manikin
Ruth Lee Confined Space Multi-Part Manikin, 110 lbs.
Price: $1,300.00
A modified version of the F&R Duty Manikin. Manikin splits into smaller parts with no individual component weighing more than 55 lbs. (25 kg) Due to its detachable limbs it is easier to position in your rescue scenario.
Reach and Rescue Ultralite Carbon Fiber Rescue Pole
Price: From $375.00 to $2,450.00
To accurately deploy flotation devices or other tools. The telescopic poles have adjustable clamps. Each clamp releases the section above in a smooth action enabling fast extraction / retraction.
Ruth Lee Multi-Trauma Training Manikin
Ruth Lee Multi-Trauma-GEN2 Training Manikin
Price: From $1,085.00 to $1,260.00
Multi-Trauma-GEN2 Manikin can simulate an amputated arm and leg, an impaled torso and a suspect neck injury. The right arm and right leg are fully detachable to simulate an amputation. GEN2 model features Polyester Shell fabric to increase durability.
Ruth Lee Working at Height Manikin
Ruth Lee Working at Height Rescue Manikin
Price: From $1,180.00 to $1,385.00
An extremely tough manikin for Working at Height training in many industries: Wind Turbines, Telecommunications, Stage /Theatre, Scaffolding, Police/Military, Maritime, Factories & Industry, Fire & Rescue, Cleaning and Maintenance, Construction,
Reach and Rescue Wading Pole Handle Attachment
Reach and Rescue Wading Pole Handle Attachment
Price: $135.00
For turning a 5m/9m/13m pole collapsed into a strong wading pole.
Reach and Rescue Wading Pole
Reach and Rescue Wading Pole
Price: $58.00
The Wading Pole is used as a depth and stability aid when wading through unknown terrain and deep waters.
Reach and Rescue Flotation Collar
Price: $353.00
This is a buoyancy aid that is designed to capture and automatically tighten around a victim in the water. It can also be used to lift a human or animal up to a height while providing a cushioned hold.
Reach and Rescue Clamping Float
Reach and Rescue Clamping Float
Price: $138.00
The clamping Float is the main flotation device for use with the Reach and Rescue Pole system. The main function of the clamping float is to support the pole on the surface of the water. Can act as an individual body buoyancy aid.
Reach and Rescue Carrago Scaff Hook
Reach and Rescue Carrago, Scaff Hook
Price: $250.00
The Carrago Attachment attaches a fixed line and Scaffold Hook to a distant eyelet allowing heavy retrieval. This is a large lightweight aluminium Scaffhold Hook for larger diameter anchor points and to be used with poles over 13m.
Reach and Rescue Carrago Standard
Reach and Rescue Carrago, Standard
Price: $185.00
Sale Price: $157.25
The Carrago attaches a fixed line and carabiner to a distant eyelet allowing heavy retrieval. Often used in Fall Arrest scenarios and retrieves from water too. To be used safely in conjunction with a davit winch.
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Reach and Rescue Grappler
Reach and Rescue Stainless Steel Grappler
Price: $163.00
This is the best body or object retrieval tool, one step up from the Crook attachment. The ends are blunt for minimum damage. This is particularly useful on unusual shaped retrievals where maximum engagement is critical.
Reach and Rescue Crook
Reach & Rescue Stainless Steel Crook
Price: $135.00
This is designed using the traditional shepherd crook attachment designed to easily hook onto the casualty. The design and stainless steel material makes this a very durable hooking tool. It is safe for human, animals and general retrieval.
Reach and Rescue Body Hook
Reach & Rescue Body Hook
Price: $220.00
Reach and Rescue attachment for retrieving conscious/unconscious bodies/injured persons away from water. The large rod means no involvement from casualty is necessary.
Reach and Rescue Boat Hook
Reach and Rescue Boat Hook
Price: $96.00
The Boat Hook attachment is used to push or pull boats towards or away from a landing. It is also used to pick up a mooring.
Reach and Rescue Line Hook
Reach and Rescue Carbon Fiber Line Hook
Price: $750.00
A lightweight, carbon fiber hook for attaching a line to a fixed point, at height or across water . For use in securing a line to a submerged vehicle.
Reach and Rescue Color Waterproof Inspection Camera
Price: $2,335.00
For searching under and out of the water. Powerful LED lights to illuminate murky waters. It utilizes a powerful, rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery and displays via a clear 7" TFT display.
Reach and Rescue Net
Reach and Rescue Rescue Net
Price: $245.00
Used for the safe rescue of small animals. Sturdy bust and very light weight construction. The soft mesh is knot-less and ideal for catch and release purposes.
Reach and Rescue Rope Blade
Reach and Rescue Rope Blade
Price: $278.00
For use where a rope/line needs to be severed. Also used to cut other materials i.e. harnesses, strapping, fishing wire and netting
Reach and Rescue Line Hook
Reach and Rescue Line Hook
Price: $698.00
For attaching a line to a fixed point, at height or across water . For use in securing a line to a submerged vehicle.
Reach and Rescue PRO Snare
Reach and Rescue Pro Spring Snare
Price: $421.00
This tool attaches to the universal sprung button sleeve. It is a spring loaded design which needs to be reset after each snaring. The target is placed inside the loop and a light tug on the pole will release the snare locking onto the target.
Reach and Rescue Kit Bag
Reach and Rescue Kit Bag
Price: $55.00
For storing attachments for your Reach and Rescue Pole and or other rescue tools.
Reach and Rescue Pole Bag
Reach and Rescue Pole Bag
Price: $75.00
Holds and protects Reach and Rescue poles and closes via velcro flaps.
Reach and Rescue Throw Bag
Reach and Rescue Throwbag
Price: $99.00
This rescue device comes with 82' rope stuffed loosely and can be used from land, boat or any stable platform.
Ruth Lee FireHouse Gen2
Ruth Lee FireHouse-GEN2 Rescue Training Manikin
Price: From $922.00 to $1,760.00
The FireHouse-GEN2 Manikins demonstrate a good balance between temperature and abrasion resistance. This rescue training manikin is perfect for general training and can withstand temperatures between 280-320°F.
D2/EGRESS+PLUS with Hook
Price: From $435.00 to $473.00
The D2 is our newest Escape System. A true "double Stop" - Hands free Stop and Panic stop. Handle rotation, rather than handle squeeze, controls descent. Includes EGRESS +PLUS, D2, Escape Hook and custom deployment bag.
Ruth Lee Search and Rescue Water Rescue Manikin
Ruth Lee MK2 Oscar Search and Rescue -GEN2 Water Rescue Manikin
Price: From $890.00 to $1,220.00
The Man Overboard Water Search and Rescue Manikin is built to simulate an unconscious victim in the water, floating at an angle of 45 degrees with just the head and shoulders above the water. Black coveralls lower visibility to enhance search exercises.
D2/EGRESS+Plus with Snap
Price: From $346.00 to $390.00
The D2 Escape descender features both a hands-free and panic stop function. The Panic stop does not require additional user input in order to remain stopped as does a panic brake. Easily adjusts cord for rigging purposes. Includes Heat Resistant Extension
Ruth Lee Bariatric
Ruth Lee Bariatric-GEN2 Training Manikin
Price: From $165.00 to $4,650.00
Designed to achieve a 'fluidity of movement' that simulates an obese patient. Based it around a 220 lb General Purpose Manikin, the extra bulk is built up with several weighted layers separated by Nylon coated padding. 400 lbs and 595 lbs versions.
RD70 NFPA Stainless Steel Rescue Carabiner
Price: From $59.00 to $62.50
Designed to meet the tough-use conditions encountered by Rescue Technicians. Heat-treated Stainless steel construction. Two locking styles to meet particular needs of rescuers. KH219
Ruth Lee Dive Rescue / Recovery GEN2 Manikin
Dive Rescue / Recovery-GEN2 Manikin
Price: From $680.00 to $1,100.00
Sonar Compatible. Designed to aid dive team recovery training. The Dive Rescue / Recovery Manikin is constructed using a reinforced, heavy-duty Nylon mesh for the carcass with non-absorbent closed cell foam provides near-lifelike in water weight.
Ruth Lee Handcuff Manikin
Ruth Lee Prisoner Security / Handcuff-GEN2 Training Manikin
Price: From $67.00 to $1,450.00
The Ruth Lee Prisoner Security Manikin has slimmer wrists to accommodate handcuffs. The wrists are reinforced with a heavy duty PVC to prevent damage and there is also a PVC removable cuff that will prolong the life of the manikin.
Fibrelight Emergency Ladder
FibreLight Emergency Ladder
Price: From $875.00 to $7,500.00
The Fibrelight Emergency Ladder is a SOLAS approved ‘Means of Embarkation’ and life saving device. The Emergency Ladders are in use across the world on merchant ships, offshore support vessels, navy warships, super yachts and overhead cranee
ISC RAD Positioning Lanyard
ISC RAD Positioning Lanyard
Price: From $188.00 to $192.00
Adjustable positioning lanyard using ISC's New RAD (Rope Adjusting Device)> High strength and easily adjustable. Includes RAD Adjuster, Rope with sewn eyes, autolocking snap. LUKE Oval Twistlock not included.
Fibre-Lite Rescue Cradle
Fibrelight Rescue Cradle
Price: From $1,650.00 to $4,500.00
The cradle is secured to the craft. The casualty is guided onto the cradle and the outboard end is then hauled in, bring them safely on board in the medically preferred horizontal position. SOLAS approved.
Twister Swivel Rescue Carabiner
Twister Swivel Aluminum Carabiner
Price: From $40.00 to $41.00
Superb aluminum carabiner with built in swivel. Strength: 5,500 lbf (25 kN). Twistlock and Supersafe locking versions.
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