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RescueTECH manufactures and distributes a complete line of bags, packs, and backpacks for Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, High Angle Rescue, Water Rescue, and Industrial Rescue.  Our in-house design and production assures the user of the best designs, quality components, and top-rated production.  We have been chosen by top departments and agencies to provide bags and packs to fit their needs.

Rescue Equipment Packs
Specialized Packs for Rope and/or Equipment Systems. Features: Rescue Tech, EVAC. Lets Search and Rescue Teams keep their gear systems together.
Rope Bags
Heavy Duty Rope Bags manufactured from Cordura and Ballistic Nylon and Waterproof Cases.
Personal Gear Bags
Gear Bags designed to hold a personal set of gear for Technical Confined Space, High Angle, and Water Rescue.
Equipment Bags
Bags designed to be a stand-alone bag for equipment or that attaches to a standard rope bag.
Search and Escape Bags
High Quality Search and Escape Bags made from Cordura Nylon or Fire Resistant Nomex. Ideal for Escape Ropes.
RIT Bags
Custom Designed Drag Bags made for Rapid Intervention Teams from Cordura Nylon or Fire Resistant Nomex. Each Bag Fitted with a thick Replaceable Skid Plate.
EMS Bags/Packs
Durable bags and packs made from fluid impervious SiTex fabric.
rescue pack id labels
Accessories for bags and packs such as shoulder straps or custom labeling for quality made RescueTech products
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Ruth Lee Helicopter Kit Bag
Helicopter Kit Bag
Price: $232.00
Helicopter Kit Bag
Special Small bag to fit inside the Ruth Lee Helicopter Loading Bag. HELIKB
Ruth Lee Helicopter Loading Bag
Helicopter Loading Bag
Price: $2,900.00
Helicopter Loading Bag
This hard-wearing and high-specification bag has been designed to transport firefighting equipment via helicopter and/or sea going tug, directly on to the ship affected. NATO Stock Number: 8465-991-561-438 HELI
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