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RescueTECH offers the best of Accessory cords and Prusik cords for Technical Rope Rescue.  Our recently upgraded 8mm prusik cord gives superior holding power and ultimate strength.  Includes products by RescueTECH.  Great for High Angle Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Water Rescue, Search and Rescue.
6mm Prusik Cords
6mm Prusik cord design for use as a lightweight personal prusik cord systems.
7mm Prusik cord
Our 7mm cord is a great prusik cord for use on flexible 7/16" diameter ropes. Provides more co
8mm Prusik Cord
The ideal prusik cord size for 1/2" Life Safety Rescue Rope.
9mm Prusik Cord
A great prusik cord sized for rope greater than 1/2" diameter. Excellent for use in Load Release Hitches.
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RescueTECH 5mm Accessory Cord
5mm Accessory Cord
Price: From $0.42 to $115.00
5mm Accessory Cord
Accessory/Prusik cords with the same high quality and long wear design as Access Rescue Ropes. Kernmantle construction that meets the EN564 standard. Strength: 1,200 lbf.
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Catalog PDF,37.3 MB

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