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Descenders, Belay Devices

  • ISC D5 Descender Part No. 20148824
  • ISC-D4PRO Part No. 20148811
  • RescueTECH Rescue Rappel Rack Part No. 601124
ISC D5 Descender Part No. 201488241 ISC-D4PRO Part No. 201488112 RescueTECH Rescue Rappel Rack Part No. 6011243
RescueTECH offers the best of Rescue Descenders and Belay Devices Technical Rope Rescue.  Look for Figure 8 and NFPA Rescue 8 descenders, rack-type descenders and specialized belay tools.  Includes products by RescueTECH, ISC, Traverse Rescue, Anthron, CMI.  Great for High Angle Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Water Rescue, Search and Rescue.
Personal Escape Rescue Descender
Small personal sized escape descenders. Models fits ropes from 7mm to 11mm.
Rack - Type Rescue Descender Belay Device
Steel and Aluminum Rack-type descenders/belay devices. U-Shaped Rescue Racks, Standard Rappel/Rescu
Rescue 8 - Type
Steel and Aluminum Figure 8 descenders/belay devices. Features: Blue Water, CMI, Rescue Tech. Goo
Rescue Belay Devices
Features 540 Rescue Belay device from Traverse Rescue
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RescueTECH ISC Wales -R-ALF Rescue Kit, 5:1
ISC R-ALF Rescue Kit
Price: From $1,185.00 to $1,425.00
ISC R-ALF Rescue Kit
The R-ALF Pulley is the latest innovation in Rescue, Confined Space, and Work Suspension Systems. Includes an over-speed brake built in so that the pulley will lock and hold when a fall occurs. Creates a 3:1 or 5:1 mechanical advantage system.
RescueTECH ISC Wales RAD Positioning Lanyard
ISC RAD Positioning Lanyard
Price: From $214.95 to $220.00
ISC RAD Positioning Lanyard
Adjustable positioning lanyard using ISC's RAD (Rope Adjusting Device)> High strength and easily adjustable. Includes RAD Adjuster, Rope with sewn eyes, autolocking snap. LUKE Oval Twistlock not included.
RescueTECH ISC Wales RED Backup Device
ISC RED Backup Device
Price: From $121.95 to $131.95
Sale Price: From $97.56 to $105.56
ISC RED Backup Device
Designed to replace current mechanical prusiks. ISC designed the RED to accommodate the safety needs of the rope access market. Fully CE approved to EN1284. The RED will take a two-person rescue load, is self-parking and is towable.
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