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Ruth Lee PMVA Manikin RLNRM30
PMVA Manikin, 66 lbs
Price: $1,500.00
The PMVA (Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression) Manikin was designed in collaboration with a leading mental health secure hospital, allowing teams to train safely and reduce the escalation of violent behavior.
Ruth Lee Confined Space Manikin
Ruth Lee Confined Space Multi-Part Manikin, 110 lbs.
Price: $1,400.00
A modified version of the F&R Duty Manikin. Manikin splits into smaller parts with no individual component weighing more than 55 lbs. (25 kg) Due to its detachable limbs it is easier to position in your rescue scenario. Model RLNCS50
Pool Rescue / Lifeguard Manikin
Ruth Lee Lifeguard Training Manikin
Price: From $775.00 to $1,200.00
The Lifeguard training manikin has been designed in consultation with the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS) and is a revolutionary new product that allows trainee lifeguards to learn vital skills. See the video link at the bottom.
Ruth Lee Helicopter Winch Manikin
Helicopter Winch Manikin, 88 lbs.
Price: $1,325.00
The Helicopter Winch Manikin was designed in consultation with the experts at Bristow Helicopters UK to provide a solution for training horizontal lifts from the water.
RescueTECH ADVANTAGE G2 Clik Work Rescue Harness
ADVANTAGE-G2 CLIK Work / Rescue Harness
Price: $395.00
Features Clik-Lok Buckles on waist and legs for ease of donning. New accessory equipment loops on waist and shoulder. Fully capable of all types of rescue - The perfect solution to team rescue needs. SEI Certified to NFPA 1983
RescueTECH Vanguard-G2 Front view
VANGUARD G2 Full Body Harness
Price: $365.00
NFPA Class III Full Body Technical Rescue Harness. New harness Geometry / New Pad System. Fully capable of all types of rescue - High Angle, Confined Space, Tower, and much more. SEI Certified to NFPA 1983
RescueTECH ISC Wales D5-PRO
D5 PRO Belay / Descender, 12.7mm / 1/2" Rope
Price: $253.00
Fits 1/2" (12.7mm) ropes that easily controls 500 lbs loads. Side plate closes with a low-profile, spring-loaded safety catch. Can be placed onto the rope without removing the rigging carabiner. Broader "Sweet Spot" / No Panic Brake.
RescueTECH ISC Wales Carabiner AD40 NFPA Small Aluminum Wizard
AD40 NFPA Aluminum Rescue Carabiner-Twistlock
Price: $32.00
Certified NFPA-G, the AD40 gives rescuers a lightweight alternative to steel. Twistlock gate for Extra security. Made in U.K. Available in Grey/Gold and Solid Black. Strength: 8,993 lbf. (40 kN )
RescueTECH ISC Wales D5 Belay Descender
D5 Belay / Descender - 1/2"
Price: $253.00
An upsized version of the D4 descender/belay device that easily controls 500 lbs loads. Fits 1/2" Rope. Side plate closes with a low-profile, spring-loaded safety catch. Can be
STR-Wind Flexible Stretcher (Orange)
Price: $825.00
Flexible rescue stretcher with a slim design, for rope rescue or confined space rescue and for rescues in wind turbines, confined Spaces, Silos and tanks.
Task STRplus Stretcher
STRplus Flexible Stretcher (Orange)
Price: $950.00
New STR Plus Stretcher! STR PLUS Flexible Stretcher meets all necessary features to this purpose. Proper for vertical rescue of victims and manual transporting in different industrial, urban, marine and vertical scenarios, including confined space.
Reach & Rescue Standard Kit
Reach and Rescue Standard Pole Kit
Price: From $2,250.00 to $4,000.00
The Reach and Rescue Standard kit brings together the most popular tools to accompany a Reach pole and provides storage options so that you can rest assured that the majority of incidents can be addressed from within the kit recommended.
RescueTECH ISC Wales Rigging Plate Halo Rigging Anchor, RP303
HALO Rigging Anchor, Medium
Price: $72.00
All New Design for Rigging / Anchor Rings. Multiple holes allow better equalization of forces. Great for system anchors, litter bridles, and more. Strength: 11,240 lbf. (50 kN). RP303
RescueTECH ISC Wales Technical Rescue Rigging Plate
Technical Rescue Rigging Plate
Price: $47.50
Our most popular rigging plate. Multiple rigging options. Manufactured of Alloy Aluminum.
Ruth Lee Helicopter Loading Bag
Helicopter Loading Bag
Price: $2,900.00
This hard-wearing and high-specification bag has been designed to transport firefighting equipment via helicopter and/or sea going tug, directly on to the ship affected. NATO Stock Number: 8465-991-561-438 HELI
SIT ResQraft - Endurance
Endurance ResQsled, Hypalon
Price: $5,500.00
Available in Red or Yellow. The Endurance is fitted with extended tubes which provides its unique design. Floor with anti-slip coating. One end of floor is slightly upturned making it ideal for moving water/towing. Optional: Removable Motor Transom.
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Rescue Technology is your source for technical extrication gear such as technical pulleys, RT ACCESS NFPA lifelines and ropes, NFPA Harnesses, technical ascenders, technical descenders, packs and bags, confined space, training manikins, high angle, and  search and rescue.

All products at RT are of the highest quality and produced by Rescue Technology or the best manufacturers in the industry .  RT products are supplied by; Yates Gear, NRS, Mustang, Petzl, Ruth Lee, Princeton Tec, Omega Pacific, Junkin, ISC, Pelican Products, Arizona Vortex, 303, Alliance, Cascade, CMI, Conterra, Con-Space, DMM, Elk River, ESS, Evac Systems, Extrasport, Gerber, SKED, Task, Ferno,  and many others.

We are located in Carrollton, GA and we pride ourselves in our quality and consistency of every product that we manufacture. p;All of our RT made Harnesses, Slings, Packs, Bags, Pulleys, and descenders are made in house at our facility in Carrollton, GA.  We stand behind every product that we make and will continue to do so as we have for over thirty five years.  Our Customer service personnel are always open to your questions and are eager to help any customer that has a question or needs an issue resolved.  Thank you for shopping with us and we look forward to working with you
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