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NRS Cargo Net w/ straps
Cargo Net w/ Straps
Price: From $74.00 to $84.00
One of the most versatile rafting accessories on the river. It can be secured over the top of your load to keep gear in the boat, or hung between two crossbars to create a cradle for loose gear.
NRS Leg Straps for Rescue PFD
Leg Straps for NRS PFD
Price: $10.00
NRS PFD Leg Straps are an extra safety measure that you will really appreciate if you go for an unexpected swim. They help prevent ride up of your life jacket and keep your head higher above the water.
RescueTECH Long Tow Tether
Long Tow Tether, Autolock
Price: $49.00
Constructed of Heavy Duty Tubular Webbing, elastic, and steel ring. One end has a 2 ring to attach to the waist strap of Rescue PFDs. The other end is attached to our Forged Aluminum Autolocking Snap with eye for extra security.
RescueTECH Public Safety Diver Quick-Release Snap
Public Safety Diver Quick-Release Snap
Price: $85.00
A low profile Marine-Grade, Quick-Release snap to be used between Diver's Chest Harness and Tender Line. Webbing release strap. Designed to be tied or girth hitched to tender line.
RescueTECH Public Safety Dive Chest Harness
Public Safety Dive Chest Harness
Price: $36.00
A must for all PSD dive operations. Made with 2" Chest Webbing, 1" Shoulder webbing, and steel D rings. Shown with Diver's Quick-release connector and rope (not included). NOT for High Angle Rescue.
RescueTECH Water Rescue Tow Tether
Water Rescue Tow Tether
Price: From $40.00 to $44.00
Constructed of heavy duty tubular webbing, elastic, and steel ring. One end has a 2" ring to attach to the waist strap of Rescue PFD's. The other end is attached to a lightweight non-locking aluminum carabiner.
Super Clip-Paddle
Super Clip-Paddle
Price: $30.00
The Super Clip-Paddle is designed to slip over a paddle blade and hold a carabiner. Now the paddle can be used to extend your reach to a pinned boat or person needing aid. Carabiner and sling not included.
Underwater Kinetics Drysuit / Exposure Suit Hanger
Drysuit / Exposure Suit Hanger
Price: $31.00
Wide 4.5" hanger "arms" for ultimate protection of expensive Drysuits and exposure suits.
Underwater Kinetics Super Accessory Hanger
Super Accessory Hanger
Price: $16.25
Ideal for drying and storing gloves, booties, and hood.
Underwater Kinetics Super B.C. Hanger
Super B.C. Hanger
Price: $10.35
Keeps expensive equipment off the floor for proper drying and storage. Supports up to 20 lbs.
Underwater Kinetics Super Hanger
Super Hanger
Price: $9.00
Useful and economical for hanging a variety of dive equipment.
Stabilicer Cleats, Steel
Stabilicers Replacement Cleats, 50 Pack
Price: $10.00
Stabilicers Replacement Cleats Set of 50 replacement cleats to fit popular Stabilicer traction soles. Brass or Steel.
Pick-of-Life ice Awls
Pick-of-Life Ice Awls
Price: $22.00
Pick-of-Life awls are for self-rescue, allowing you to crawl on top of the ice using the picks as traction. You can also slide them to someone who has fallen through the ice.
Ankle Weights, 2 lb. - Pair
Ankle Weights, 2 lb. each, Pair
Price: $37.00
Fully adjustable length with quick-release buckle for safety. Neoprene Sold in pairs.
Dive Training Aids
Dive Training Aids
Price: From $13.00 to $45.00
Rescue Diver training aid requirement. Solid rubber. For pool skills training. 5" Donut rings may be used for assorted training exercises.
303 Raft Protectant
303 Raft Protectant
Price: From $19.00 to $85.00
The most powerful UV screening protection ever made. Use it on everything from boats to apparel. 303 Aerospace Protectant is "SPF 40 for your stuff!" Helpful in prolonging the lifetime of your raft.
303 High Tech Fabric Guard
303 High Tech Fabric Guard
Price: $20.00
Powerful enough to protect fabrics in the harshest outdoor environment. 303 High Tech Fabric Guard helps keep your gear looking like new. Restore lost water repellency and stain repellency without affecting the breathability of the fabric.
Gear Aid McNett Zipper Care
Zipper Cleaner & Lubricant, 2 oz.
Price: $5.50
Zip Care is the ultimate zipper care for plastic, nylon or metal zippers. Unique push-pull brush top enables the cleaner to be delivered between the teeth and physically removes harmful dirt, sand, and salt deposits that can jam the zipper.
Gear Aid Sea Gold Anti Fog Gel
Sea Gold Anti Fog Gel
Price: $6.75
Rated BEST Anti-Fog by Rodale's SCUBA DIVING Magazine! The clear choice in anti-fog gels. Our unique clear formula means long lasting anti-fog protection. Sea Gold is highly concentrated and designed for quick, simple, in-field application.
Gear Aid McNett ZIP TECH Zipper Lubricant
Zipper Lubricant Stick, .5 oz.
Price: $7.00
Lubricants and prolongs the life of zippers on wetsuits, drysuits and booties.
Gear Aid Revivex Wetsuit Shampoo
Wetsuit Shampoo
Price: From $8.50 to $56.00
Leaves neoprene articles free of organic residue, chlorine and salt deposits. Chlorine-removing agents and conditioners help prevent premature aging and oxidation.
Gear Aid McNett AquaSeal Wetsuit Repair Adhesive
AquaSeal Wetsuit Repair Adhesive
Price: $8.00
The industry standard for maxium strength repair to wetsuits, drysuits, and all water sport products. Flexible urethane formula waterproofs, seals and protects against abrasion.
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