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ISC UltraLink

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ISC UltraLink
ISC UltraLinkISC UltraLinkISC UltraLinkISC UltraLinkISC UltraLinkISC UltraLinkISC UltraLinkISC UltraLinkISC UltraLink

UltraLink, the next-generation link that is set to revolutionize the way rope is connected and redirected. Designed with safety and efficiency in mind, UltraLink offers a removable pulley situated on a securely locked axle with the convenience of being easily and quickly unlocked using one hand, without the need for tools.

Designed to be used with or without the pulley wheel. The bronze-bushed pulley wheel is very effective at minimizing friction and encouraging optimal device loading. The ability to open and close the UltraLink with one hand makes it easy to use, even when wearing gloves. The retained axle prevents it from being accidentally dropped. The axle is fully retractable, which allows for ease of loading rope, and the streamlined design minimizes accidental mis-loading. The lack of protruding features makes the device useful in many orientations with minimal risk of damage when loaded against a structure.

  • Body is 100% Stainless Steel - Resistant to corrosion and rope-friendly radii
  • Retained, Fully Retracting Axle - Axle is retained in the link body, to prevent it from being accidentally dropped
  • Hi-Viz Sheave
  • SafeLock Mechanism - Safelock button guards against accidental opening and provides audible & visual locking indicator
  • Certification - CE PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 (including EN 12278:2007)
  • Weight with Pulley: Standard: 4.8 oz; Wide: 5.8 oz.


    This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer.

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