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Stainless Steel Rescue Carabiners

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RescueTECH ISC Wales Klettersteig, Stainless Steel
Klettersteig Stainless Steel
Price: From $36.50 to $38.00
Klettersteig Stainless Steel offers the same design as our standard unit, but is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The Klettersteig's offset design provides a larger gate opening than standard carabiners. Strength: 35 kN. KH202
RescueTECH ISC NFPA Stainless
RD70 NFPA Stainless Steel Rescue Carabiner
Price: $62.50
Designed to meet the tough-use conditions encountered by Rescue Technicians. Heat-treated Stainless steel construction. Two locking styles to meet particular needs of rescuers. Strength: 15,737 lbs. KH219
RescueTECH ISC Wales Stainless Steel Offset 'D' Carabiner
Stainless Steel Offset 'D' Carabiner
Price: From $36.00 to $41.00
A great multi-use Stainless Steel Carabiner. Available in Screwgate, Twistlock, and Supersafe. Strength: 7.868 lbf (35 kN). KH200
RescueTECH ISC Wales KH307 Stainless Steel Fireman's Ladder Hook
Fireman's Carabiner, Stainless Steel - ANSI
Price: From $125.00 to $129.00
Stainless Steel ANSI version of ISC's popular Fireman's side opening carabiner. Strength: 8,993 lbf. (40 kN). KH307
RescueTECH ISC Wales Fireman's Ladder Hook, Stainless Steel
Firemans Stainless Steel, Side Opening Carabiner
Price: $113.00
Fireman's Carabiner. Extra Large Offset design is perfect for ladders rungs. Side-Swing gate for extra large opening. Strength: 8,993 lbf. (40 kN). KH307
RescueTECH ISC Wales KH250 Twister
ISC Twister Stainless Steel - KH250
Price: From $99.00 to $102.00
Stainless steel version of ISC popular TWISTER Swivel Carabiner. Strength: 5,171 lbf (23 kN). KH250
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