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ISC R-ALF Rescue 2-way Locking Pulley
ISC R-ALF Rescue Locking Pulley
Price: $560.00
Rescue Hauler Pulley- 2 Way Auto Locking pulley with built-in over-speed brake built so that the Pulley will lock on and hold when a fall occurs.
ISC Deadweight Portable Anchor
ISC Deadweight Portable Anchor
Price: $4,795.00
Portable anchor for use behind Structural Handrails, Balustrades & Parapet walls.
ISC Deadweight Trolley
ISC Deadweight Trolley
Price: $2,575.00
Use behind Structural Handrails, Balustrades & Parapet walls.
Instant Hitch Anchor
Instant Hitch Anchor
Price: From $55.00 to $180.00
Fits Vehicle Receiver Hitch. A simple solution to a basic problem. How do you use your vehicle as an effective anchor? The IA does this by transforming a receiver hitch into a multi-point rescue anchor. Optional Padded Storage Pouch now available.
TRC Super Duty Picket Set
TRC Super Duty Picket Set
Price: From $95.00 to $390.00
Designed to give the strongest picket placement. Features 10" x 7.25" rigging fins that stabilize the pickets with more lateral surface area than standard round pickets. Each picket has 8 holes (.75" dia) to aid in system rigging.
Beam Clamp
Beam Clamp
Price: $90.00
Designed as a high strength portable rigging point for both horizontal and vertical I-beam structures, The turnbuckle type threaded mechanism allows quick attachment to 3 - 9" flange widths. Every unit is tested and certified before shipment.
ISC Girder Grip
ISC Girder Grip
Price: $120.00
Designed to provide secure anchor points through steel structure. For vertical (straight) and Horizontal (side) rigging. Horizontal rigging requires a minimum plate thickness of: 1.20 Fits hole size: 3/4"-1" (19-28mm). Max Plate thickness: 1.47" (37mm)
Forged Anchorage Connector II
Forged Anchorage Connector II w/ bolt
Price: $26.00
Drop forged alloy steel. Meets or exceeds ANSI Z359.1 and CSA Z259.12-00. Includes grade 8 bolt and nut with lockwasher.
Window Rappel Anchor
Window Escape Anchor
Price: $95.00
unique anchor design allows escape from burning buildings where there are no other anchors available. This is your "Last Chance Bailout" anchor. It will fold to be carried in a holster or bailout kit.
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