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RescueTECH TRC Super Duty Picket Set
TRC Super Duty Picket Set
Price: From $95.00 to $390.00
Designed to give the strongest picket placement. Features 10" x 7.25" rigging fins that stabilize the pickets with more lateral surface area than standard round pickets. Each picket has 8 holes (.75" dia) to aid in system rigging.
RescueTECH Extractor Remote Retrieval Hook
Extractor Remote Retrieval Hook
Price: $71.50
A new autolocking snap hook that is placed on the end of the Remote Pole and allows the attachment of a retrieval line to an entrant without entering the confined space. Requires Remote Retrieval Pole.
Superclip Rescue Tool
Superclip Rescue Tool
Price: From $29.50 to $130.00
Superclip Rescue is designed for remotely holding autolock carbiners in the open position. Pole kits include Superclip Rescue Tool, 3-Section Pole, and Supersafe 3-stage ANSI carabiner w/ sling.
RescueTECH ISC Wales Girder Grip
ISC Girder Grip
Price: $121.75
Designed to provide secure anchor points through steel structure. For vertical (straight) and Horizontal (side) rigging. Horizontal rigging requires a minimum plate thickness of: 1.20 Fits hole size: 3/4"-1" (19-28mm). Max Plate thickness: 1.47" (37mm)
Rock Exotica Enforcer Load Cell
Rock Exotica ENFORCER Load Cell w/ Case
Price: $880.00
The ENFORCER is a compact aluminum body load-cell, specifically designed for measuring forces in rigging systems. It measures forces up to 20 kN with 2% accuracy while its minimum breaking strength is at 36 kN. It has two 360 degree swivel rig point
CMI Drag Hook GRHK
Drag Hook CMI GRHK
Price: $191.50
Manufactured of forged steel eyebolt and five 4140 chromemoly steel tines. Each tine is heat treated to resist a load of approximately 2,000 lbf. CMI GRHK
RescueTECH Deployment Bag for CMI Drag Hook
Deployment Bag for Drag Hook
Price: $63.00
Deployment bag is specifically designed for use with the Drag Hook.
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