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RescueTECH ISC Wales Descender D2 Escape
D2 Escape Descender
Price: $105.00
Our newest Escape Descender for our EGRESS escape ropes. Allows for quick deployment and adjustment before the bail out. Rotating Handle provides exceptional control. Double Stop for safety.
RescueTECH RIT Recovery Sling
RIT Recovery Sling - HOOK
Price: $93.00
We designed this product with RIT Team personnel in mind. The sling is actually two heavy duty slings (joined with high strength industrial snaps) that can be separated and used by one, two, or multiple personnel.
RescueTECH RIT Recovery Sling
RIT Recovery Sling - SNAP
Price: $75.00
Sale Price: $63.75
used by one, two, or multiple personnel. The snap may be attached to a turnout coat rescue strap, SCBA strap, or back to the second strap.
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RescueTECH RIT FR Rescue Sling
RIT FR Rescue Sling, 7 ft.
Price: $90.00
Based on the design of our Firefighters RIT Rescue sling, the FR Sling is manufactured of heat Resistant Webbing featuring Kevlar® brand fire resistant fibers. Easily attached heat Resistant pouch is designed to fit belts and to keep the sling available
RescueTECH Nylon Escape Sling
Nylon Escape Sling
Price: $15.00
A quick to use sling with loops sewn at the ends. Can be used for rigging personal escape systems, RIT Drags, or hasty harnesses.
RescueTECH Firefighters Drag / Search Sling
Firefighters Drag / Search Sling
Price: $60.00
Handles with Rubberized Grips Designed to aid Firefighters and RIT Team personnel. Stored in an included pouch that will attach to SCBA waist straps or will store in Turnout Gear pockets.
RescueTECH Firefighters' Sling
Firefighters' Sling
Price: $30.00
Easy Deployment/Multi-Use 7' Rescue Tool designed to be a helping hand during fire rescue activities. Easily attached pouch is designed to fit all waist belts and to keep the sling available at all times. Simply grasp the hand loops and pull to deploy.
RescueTECH Searchline Shoulder Bag
RescueTECH Searchline Shoulder Bag
Price: $57.00
Over-the-Shoulder bag that easily holds up to 200 ft. of PROBE Search Line. Ballistic Nylon fabric and squeeze lock adjuster. 11" x 9" x 5"
RescueTECH ISC Wales Double locking Snap
Autolocking Search Line Snap Aluminum
Price: From $22.50 to $26.00
The Autolocking Aluminum Search Line snap was selected byRescueTECH for its Searchline bags because of its ease of use and dependability. Manufactured of forged aluminum, the autolocking gate is easy to open with structural firefighting gloves.
Crosby FDNY Escape Hook
Price: $95.00
designed in conjunction with members of FDNY as a component in their fire escape system, this hook is intended to be a component of a system specifically designed by a qualified person for firefighter escape. All users must be trained in the proper usage
RescueTECH ISC Wales RIT Recovery Hook
ISC RIT Recovery Hook
Price: $43.00
For Turnout Rescue Loop Attachment. Strong, yet lightweight, alloy aluminum locking hooks easily attach to NFPA Drag loops. Strength: 7,869 lbf. (35 kN) SH999
RescueTECH Search Line Swivel Trigger Snap
Search Line Swivel Trigger Snap
Price: $3.00
This swivelling connector is the perfect snap to use for connecting the the bitter end of a searchline to the search bag. The gate construction provides an easy to use, straight pull release.
RescueTECH Firefighter Ladder Rescue System
Firefighter Ladder Rescue System
Price: From $580.00 to $630.00
Containing the RescueTECH Spin-Lock Double Pulley, this rescue set provides a free-running 3:1 Block and tackle that does double duty as a friction lowering. device.
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