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Water Rescue Sets

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Rescue Swimmer Set, Deluxe
Rescue Swimmer Set, Deluxe
Price: $1,700.00
The Rescue Swimmer Set has the equipment each rescuer should carry. Includes the Hydrus Drysuit, Universal Rescuer PFD, Havoc Water Rescue Helmet, Durable Water Rescue Gloves, 75 Throwbag, 200 throw rope, and much more.
First Responder Water Rescue Set
First Responder Water Rescue Set
Price: From $440.00 to $635.00
Personal Water Rescue Equipment often required for swiftwater rescue teams and classes.
Basic Water Rescue Set
Basic Water Rescue Set
Price: From $215.00 to $225.00
The bare minimum equipment to have while working around water. Includes PFD, River Rescue Short Knife, Fox Whistle, 3/8" Throwbag x 50 ft., and Mesh storage bag.
Z-Rig Haul Set Rescue Equipment
Z-Rig Haul Set
Price: From $605.00 to $680.00
Ready-to-Rig 3:1 Z-Rig system. Includes: Pulleys, Rope Grab, Prusik, Carabiners, Rope and Storage Bag.
13' Self-Bailing Raft Set
13' Self-Bailing Raft Set
Price: $6,100.00
A deluxe set of raft equipment that includes what an existing water rescue team needs for boat operations. Large, Self-Bailing raft for excellent stability.
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