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RescueTECH Sewn Prusik Slings

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RescueTECH Sewn Prusik

Our Product Development Department has worked hard to provide a durable Sewn 8mm prusik for use in rescue systems. Our heavy duty stitching uses thread that is 150% thicker/stronger than other brands. Since not all PMPs are equally sized, we have created 2 sizes of Short Prusiks to work with the Long Prusik. The stitches are covered with a transparent shrink tube covering that binds the cord together to provide an adjustable length “eye”.

Testing shows that a single RescueTECH Sewn Prusik pulled on RescueTECHs ACCESS 1/2" Lifeline starts "clutching/slipping at a strength of 3,000 lbf*. When pulled end-to-end the single loop strength exceeds 4,500 lbs. Marked with durable labeling to help product identification.

* Results may vary depending upon brand and condition/age of the main line

Part # Diameter Type Length Color Description Weight
751180182 8mm Sling 18” Yellow For up to 5” Sideplate 2.4 oz.
751180202 8mm Sling 20” Yellow For up to 5” Sideplate 2.4 oz.
751180284 8mm Sling 28” Red For up to 6.6” Sideplate 3.2 oz.
751180304 8mm Sling 30” Red For up to 6.6” Sideplate 3.2 oz.
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