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Rapid Intervention Kits and Tools

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8mm PROBE-N Basic Search Kits
8mm PROBE-N Basic Search Kits
Price: From $85.00 to $115.00
A basic Search Kit featuring our 8mm Nylon Cord. These kits offer a protective search line at an ecocnomical price. Cord is stored in a durable deployment bag made from Cordura and Balistic fabrics. Kit includes Bag, cord, and carabiner.
Nylon Escape Sling
Nylon Escape Sling
Price: $15.00
A quick to use sling with loops sewn at the ends. Can be used for rigging personal escape systems, RIT Drags, or hasty harnesses.
Firefighters Drag / Search Sling
Firefighters Drag / Search Sling
Price: $50.00
Handles with Rubberized Grips Designed to aid Firefighters and RIT Team personnel. Stored in an included pouch that will attach to SCBA waist straps or will store in Turnout Gear pockets.
Window Rappel Anchor
Window Escape Anchor
Price: $95.00
unique anchor design allows escape from burning buildings where there are no other anchors available. This is your "Last Chance Bailout" anchor. It will fold to be carried in a holster or bailout kit.
Firefighter Ladder Rescue System
Firefighter Ladder Rescue System
Price: From $540.00 to $580.00
Containing the RescueTECH Spin-Lock Double Pulley, this rescue set provides a free-running 3:1 Block and tackle that does double duty as a friction lowering. device.
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