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SL3 eLed Dive Light
SL3 eLed Dive Light
Price: $55.00
The SL3 eLED is UK's latest high performance LED dive light designed with a divers tight budget in mind. The optics guarantees a tight beam with minimum spill light.
Price: $72.00
Power meets versatility in the Torrent LED. With a 126 Lumen Maxbright LED its got the power to be a main light source. A simple switching mechanism and a 100-meter waterproof rating.
Princeton TEC Sector 7 Dive Light
Princeton TEC Sector 7 LED
Price: $130.00
700 Lumens of PTec power that's built to go 100 meters below the surface. With two modes of illumination, you can choose between full-power and extended-battery mode.
Pelican Super SabreLite
Pelican Super SabreLite
Price: $43.00
Used by Army and Navy strike teams. High-tech Xenon Laser Spot provides four times the useable candle power of ordinary C & D size flashlights. Unbreakable ABS body with a high impact polycarbonate.
Pelican StealthLite
Pelican StealthLite
Price: From $15.00 to $43.00
Unbreakable ABS body with high impact polycarbonate lens. State of the art Laser Spot Xenon lamp module. Includes one-handed safety switch operation, double shock mounted battery compartment and black lanyard. Operates 5-6 hours on 4 AA alkaline batterys
Little ED Recoil Rechargeable
Little ED Recoil Rechargeable
Price: $175.00
The Recoil uses a 1 watt LED that's aimed backwards into the reflector. 100% of the light is captured and aimed forward as a tight collimated beam that's as bright as an incandescent. NiMH battery pack for extended burn time and comes with 110v charger.
Foxfury BT2 Right Angle Handlight
Foxfury Breakthrough BT2 Right Angle Light
Price: $142.00
Breakthrough BT2 LED firefighter right angle light with a yellow exterior. Features FoxFury's smoke piercing SMO-KUT technology.
Mini Q-4
UK4AA-AS2 Xenon
Price: $34.50
Extremely bright! Over twice as bright as premium lights of similar size. Provides 4 AA batteries of power in a light approximating the size of lights containing only 2 AA batteries. Optional Helmet Mount.
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