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Wilderness Survival, 2nd Edition - Davenport
Wilderness Survival, Davenport - CLEARANCE
Price: $15.00
A comprehensive guide to backcountry survival. Great explanations and a multitude of illustrations, survival expert Gregory Davenport covers the five basic elements of survival.
Adjustable Rappel Harness
CLEARANCE - Adjustable Rappel Harness
Price: $40.00
The Adjustable Rappel Harness is a version of our Adjustable Seat Harness with a modified rigging point. Double-Pass waist and quick-adjust leg buckles.
High Angle Rescue Techniques - 4th Edition
High Angle Rescue Techniques- 4th Edition
Price: From $27.00 to $88.00
The Classic HART book has long been a comprehensive source of all aspects of high-angle rescue - including planning, PPE and equipment, medical considerations and more. Based on the 2013 edition of NFPA 1006.
Omega Pacific Tactical DOVAL Wiregate
Omega Pacific Aluminum DOVAL CLEARANCE
Price: $6.25
The Omega Pacific Doval wire gate carabiner shaves weight and features a robust, versatile D-shape. SPECS: Closed gate: 25kN Open gate: 7kN Minor axis: 7kN Gate opening: 25mm Weight: 1.4 oz.
Stainless Steel Widegate
10mm Stainless Steel Widegate Rapid Link CLEARANCE
Price: $12.00
Rapid Links are often used as an inexpensive alternative to standard carabiners. They are most effective in applications for semi-permanent attachments.
Galvanized Steel Widegate
14mm Galvanized Steel Widegate Rapid Link CLEARANCE
Price: $12.00
Rapid Links are often used as an inexpensive alternative to standard carabiners. They are most effective in applications for semi-permanent attachments.
Basic Worker 1 'D' Full Body Harness
CLEARANCE- Basic Worker 1 'D' Full Body Harness
MSRP: $75.00
Price: $35.00
Basic, compliance level fall protection harness. Clearance, limited quantities.
Protec ACE Water Rescue Helmet
Protec ACE Water Rescue Helmet, XL (Red) CLEARANCE
Price: $25.00
Features innovative pad inserts to create a top-notch swiftwater rescue helmet. Pad can be adjusted to fit a wide range of sizes. Cut over the ear for unrestricted hearing and comfort, while maintaining excellent brow and temple coverage.
Kevlar Escape Sling
Kevlar Escape Sling, 15 ft. CLEARANCE
Price: Was 90.00 now 50.00
A.T.E.P. Short
Price: $125.00 Was $165.00
Search and Rescue Gloves
RT Search and Rescue Gloves *CLEARANCE*
Price: Now $20.00 per pair
Supple goatskin shell reinforced with tough cowhide for excellent tactile response and wear resistance. Ideal for search and rescue. Comes with loop for carabiner attachment.
Harveys 2mm Dive Glove
Harveys 2mm Dive Glove w/ Amara Palm CLEARANCE
Price: $15.00
Lightweight, durable glove for all rescuers. 2mm Neoprene on back for lightweight comfort & protection yet allows excellent tactile response. Palm and fingers of reinforced Amara for durability. Stretch eleastic band with velrco closure.
RescueTECH Rope Guard
RescueTECH 18" Rope Guard w/ Grommet Connector CLEARANCE
Price: $10.00
Special protective sleeve made with multiple layers of super heavy cotton canvas. Designed to protect ropes from abrasion. Small diameter cord (not included) may be placed in grommets to attach pad to anchor.
Seal XP Swim Surface Rescue Mask
Price: $30.00
This is the mask that revolutionized the water industry by adding fit, functionality, and comfort to aquatic eyewear. Curved lens provides 180 degree peripheral vision without distortion. Dive quality silicone skirt provides a comfortable water-tight seal
Harveys Dino Hide Farmer John & Shorty
Harveys DynoHide Wetsuit, Large
Price: $250.00
Designed specifically for police and rescue teams, this suit is made from 4.7mm Commercial "F" grade neoprene with a Dino-Hide exterior that is four times tougher than standard nylon. Farmer John and Shorty style.
MSA 3-Way Fall Block, 50 ft.
MSA 50' Fall Protection Lifeline w/ Winch
Price: $800.00
3-Way Lifeline Tough Steel housing. 50 feet of galvanized steel cable. Integral Emergency Retrieval winch.
CLEARANCE 7/16" Water Rescue Rope x 100 ft.
Price: $84.00
CLEARANCE- Special Lengths. Manufactured with a durable nylon sheath and a Multi-Filament Polypropylene core, this floating rope has a tensile strength of 5,000 lbf. Color: Yellow w/ Red Stripes and Yellow w/ Blue Stripes.
Ruth Lee Water Rescue Training Manikin
Ruth Lee Water Rescue Training Manikin-Youth *CLEARANCE*
Price: $350 Was $680
Built to the same tough construction standard as the General Use Manikin, the water rescue is built to simulate an unconscious victim in the water, floating at an angle of 45 degrees.
Patrol II EMS Fanny Pack
Patrol I EMS Fanny Pack-CLEARANCE
Price: $40.00
The Patrol I is Designed for the serious patroller or EMT, the Patrol I utilizes our unique interlocking pocket system, allowing it to keep all your tools comfortably close to your back, improving balance
RT Micro Pulley
RT Micro PMP Pulley ** CLEARANCE
Price: $16.00
The perfect size for light use and tower rescues. Ideal for 8mm - 7/16 ropes. Works as PMP pulley.
Retikon Harness
Price: $50.00 Was $100.00
Super comfortable padded rappel/climbing harness.
2.4  Ice Eyeshield
2.4 Ice Eyeshield *CLEARANCE*
Price: $46.26 Was $63.00
RT Super Helmet, Medium *CLEARANCE*
Price: $30.00
Original design Joe Brown Helmet. Was priced at over $60.00, now $30.00 each.
Storm Pro Water Rescue Helmet Yellow
Storm Pro Water Rescue Helmet **CLEARANCE**
Price: From $33.00 to $39.00
The Storm's shell is a strong but light ABS plastic with a firm foam lining for comfort and shock absorption. The Storm also features an adjustable ratchet system ensuring perfect comfort and fit every time you put it on.
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