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Arachnipod Bridge Add-on

Price: From $4,000.00 to $5,000.00

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Arachnipod Bridge KitArachnipod Bridge Kit

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This is a feature unique to the Arachnipod. The bridge is used for spanning larger openings or voids where a regular tripod, A-frame or quadpod would not be able to, such as trenches, large holes, mines and lift shafts.  A trolley is fitted to the bridge beam and can be hauled back and forth using the included trolley positioning line.  A mechanical advantage system such as the RescueTECH Extractor Kit (not included).  The Extractor is a pre-rigged 4:1 Block and Tackle style hauling kit with an integral safety brake.

 It comes as a complete item with trolley, trolley guide rope and heads ready to attach two legs on each end. There is also a tie bar on one end for use with an English Reeve system. However, a remote brake mechanical advantage system can also be attached directly to the trolley. Bridge Add-on requires an Arachnipod multipod to function.

2 Meter Bridge 3 Meter Bridge 4 Meter Bridge
2 mtr Bridge (6.5') 3 mtr Bridge (9.85') 4 mtr Bridge (13’)
Spare Standard Leg Spare Standard Leg Spare Standard Leg
2 mtr Bridge Bag 3 mtr Bridge Bag 4 mtr Bridge Bag
Foot Tether Rope Foot Tether Rope Foot Tether Rope
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