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Harken Power Drive Adaptor
Power Drive Adaptor for Harken Winch
Price: $34.00
Drive adaptor for Cordless drills to be used for Harken Winches.
RescueTECH ISC Wales Tripod Winch
Tech Tripod Winch II Complete - Galv, 65'
Price: From $165.00 to $1,005.00
New Cable Winch for Technician Tripod. Features clamp on attachment bracket, Double-Locking Swivel Snap, and cable weight.
Skyhook TrailTECH Winch Riser
SkyHook TrailTECH Riser
Price: $410.00
Anodized aluminum square Riser adapter is designed and required to raise the rear of the TrailTech to allow the double handles to clear the flat base of the Universal Anchor Plate, and when using the Webbing Ratchet Strap Anchoring System.
Skyhook UTB bracket for APOD
Skyhook UTB Mounting Bracket for Arachnipod & RT Tripod
Allows the SkyHook winch to be mounted to the RescueTECH Technician Tripod and the Arachnipod (with option bolt set)
SkyHook Off Road Stabilizing
SkyHook Off Road Stabilizing "H"
Price: $290.00
This attachment gives the winch a large base for ground operations.
SkyHook Universal Anchor Plate
SkyHook Universal Anchor Plate
Price: $575.00
Provides the winch a stable work platform for anchoring the winch to the ground, telephone poles, etc.
SkyHook Receiver Hitch Mount
SkyHook Receiver Hitch Mount
Price: $1,050.00
Allows the SkyHook winch to be mounted to a vehicle using a standard receiver hitch. The mount will pivot up to 45 degrees in each horizontal direction to achieve proper rigging alignment.
Skyhook Web Anchors
Skyhook Web Anchors
Price: $140.00
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