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Triple9 OTK Kit - Outdoor Trauma Kit / IFAK

Price: $150.00

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RescueTECH Triple9 OTK IFAK 912393013RD
RescueTECH Triple9 OTK IFAK 912393013RDTriple9 OTK IFAK 912393013RDTriple9 OTK IFAK 912393013RDTriple9 OTK IFAK 912393013RD

The triple9 OTK (Outdoor Trauma Kit) is 6X8X3, it weighs less than 1lbs. It is constructed from 500 denier cordura and uses mil spec hook and loop for opening. Contents are in waterproof packaging.

The OTK can attach to your vehicle, vessel, board, back pack, PPE or bike etc. by hook and loop or an accessory back panel with molle attach points. The treatment modalities are all battlefield proven and TCCC/TECC committee approved gear to stem/stop catastrophic blood loss:

The triple9 OTK is a point of injury trauma kit designed for self aid/buddy aid to stem/stop blood loss from a deep penetrating injury/laceration resulting in a partially or fully dissected major vein or artery. An Adventure Trauma Care trained person can stem blood loss from three injury points utilizing the Triple9 OTK.

  • SOFTW Tourniquet from Tactical Medical Solutions
  • Quik Clot Combat Gauze hemostatic from Z-Medical
  • Z-Packed standard gauze from Tactical Medical Solutions
  • 4 control wrap from Tactical Medical Solutions
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