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Ruth Lee Trauma Rescue Manikin - IV/IO 66 lbs.

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Ruth Lee Trauma Manikin
Ruth Lee Trauma ManikinRuth Lee Trauma Manikin-IVRuth Lee Trauma Manikin-IORuth Lee Trauma ManikinRuth Lee Trauma ManikinRuth Lee Trauma Manikin

Increasingly, rescue teams must provide more advanced first aid and medical skills for traumatic injuries, often in difficult environments. The Trauma Rescue manikin allows teams to move from complex rescue and extrication to emergency care training, including full airway management capabilities.


The main body is constructed from a tough and durable polyester which conforms to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, BS EN ISO 12947-2 & 14116: 2008. High-density polypropylene webbing (25mm rated to 207 Kg, 50mm rated to 440 Kg). The integrated CPR / Airway manikin torso provides Airway Management capabilities. Included are an IV arm, intraosseous (IO) Tibia task trainer, and wound-packing task trainer on the thigh, which is constructed from silicone, which gives it a realistic texture and appearance. Latex may also be present in the internal tubing, which feeds blood into the open wound cavity. The intraosseous (IO) Tibia Task Trainer is manufactured from silicone with an internal 3D-printed bone to provide realistic resistance as the needle enters the bone marrow cavity. It is encased in polyester material and attached to the manikin using velcro straps.


  • The integrated Thigh Wound Packing module is robust, washable, and reusable. It features a large traumatic wound with bleeding tubes that enable the trainer to simulate a major hemorrhage.
  • Torso supplied has anatomical landmarks including the sternum, rib cage, and substernal notch. The trainer also contains teeth, uvula, vocal cords, glottis, epiglottis, larynx, arytenoid cartilage, trachea, esophagus, inflatable lungs, and stomach. It allows for the placement of a nasogastric tube. It accepts Combitube®, E.O.A., E.G.T.A., P.T.L., and i-gel® airways
  • Rescue and traumatic injury skills training using one manikin, on location, and during extrication.
  • Based on a 30 kg (66 lb) Full Body Airway Management manikin, the Trauma Rescue model is tough and robust, perfect for rescue training.
  • Feature IV Arm and IO module
  • The IV Practise Arm has an intramuscular injection site at the top of the arm and allows for venipuncture to the arm and hand.
  • The intraosseous (IO) Tibia Task Trainer is designed to simulate intraosseous (IO) needle placement, which includes palpable landmarks at the proximal tibia, allowing trainees to facilitate accurate site location.

  • Use in temperatures above 100°C or flashover scenarios – See our Fire House manikin.
  • Use in water – See our Water Rescue range.

  • MP4 Video: Trauma Manikin Blood Flow

    MP4 Video: Trauma Manikin Wound Packing


    This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer.

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