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Traverse PORTER / MULE Storage Bag
Storage Bag for PORTER / MULE Stretcher Transport
Price: $525.00
Storage Bag for both the PORTER Litter Transport and MULE Litter Wheel.
Traverse PORTER Stretcher Transport
PORTER Stretcher Trailer
Price: $1,700.00
The Porter Transport System is a fast, simple securing system with 2 never flat tires and eight position handles, offering an all purpose transport solution. Greater leverage and easier carrying reduces fatigue and chance of injury than single wheel.
Traverse Mule Litter Wheel with Handles
Mule Litter Wheel with Handles
Price: $1,700.00
This is a modified version of the Original MULE Litter Wheel that adds Handles to both ends of the unit. The single-wheel design allows for ease of movement in the roughest terrain. We recommend that 4 rescuers are used to hold and move this device.
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