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RescueTECH Swiftwater Rescue Curtain

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RescueTECH Swiftwater Rescue Curtain

The Swiftwater Rescue Curtain provides a versatile tension diagonal grab method to use in moving water. Now manufactured by Rescue Technology, the curtain rests on top of the water and provides a large grab area for confused swimmers and troubled victims. The 10 ft. wide by 4ft. tall area enables rescuers to position the Rescue Curtain within the width of a channel to catch a victim who is unable to help himself. Top edge now is 1.75" wide to provide greater strength. When used with a tension diagonal, the curtain works with the current to hold the swimmer as he or she is pulled to shore. This method reduces the amount of strength the swimmer needs to use to hold onto a device while being pulled out of the current to safety. Attaches to rescue rope with carabiners (not included).

Moving Water situations for the Swiftwater Rescue Curtain:

  • Tension diagonals
  • Pulling Victims onto a boat
  • Hang from a bridge (downstream)
  • Float in a low head dam and pull to shore
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