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TASK STRplus Stretcher
STRplus Flexible Stretcher (Black)
Price: $950.00
New STR Plus Stretcher! STR PLUS Flexible Stretcher meets all necessary features for this purpose. Proper for the vertical rescue of victims and manual transporting in different industrial, urban, marine, and vertical scenarios, including confined spac
TASK STR II Flexible Stretcher
STR II Flexible Stretcher (Black)
Price: $900.00
Sale Price: $765.00
The STR II is a versatile envelope stretcher for transport and rescue in many vertical scenarios. Features Integral Patient Harness and Quick-Connect Buckles. For Urban, Marine, Industrial, Mountain, Industrial, confined spaces, etc.
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CHASE Stretcher
C.H.A.S.E FR Heat Resistant Soft Stretcher
Price: $330.00
The C.H.A.S.E FR Stretcher is a heat resistant tool for instant rescue. Made from Multi-Cam colored Aramid Fiber, the C.H.A.S.E. FR maintains the patented self-packing design of the Original C.H.A.S.E.
CHASE Stretcher
C.H.A.S.E Wearable Soft Stretcher
Price: From $125.00 to $210.00
The C.H.A.S.E Stretcher is a tool for an instant rescue with a proprietary combination of lightweight, ripstop nylon material with a patented self-packing design. The result is a strong, reliable emergency stretcher that stows away in a light-weight pouch
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