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Splint-Type Immobilization Devices

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LSP Miller Full Body Splint
Miller Full Body Splint
Price: From $185.00 to $855.00
Complete with a full head and body restraint harness. Rigid foam core provides both strength and buoyancy (will float 250 lbs. in fresh water.) Split leg design.
LSP Half Back
LSP Half Back
Price: From $125.00 to $760.00
A versatile short body immobilization board design for suspected cervical/spinal injuries during confined space rescues. Closed cell foam interior. Weight: 11 lbs.
SKED Oregon Spine Splint II
SKED Oregon Spine Splint II
Price: $295.00
Absolutely the best spinal immobilization / extraction device available. Preferred to K.E.D., XP-1, and LSP. It immobilizes the spine and the shoulders at the same time. When applied it allows easy access to the patient's chest or abdomen for treatment
AMBU PerFit Ace Adjustable Cervical Collar
AMBU PerFit Ace Adjustable Cervical Collar
Price: $10.00
Perfit Ace Adjustable Cervical Collar. Adult size has 16 different adjustment settings- from neckless to tall.
Price: $1,800.00
A unique patient packaging and extrication system combines the backboard immobilization of a "Short Board" along with the suspension and support of a full body harness. The PAK system utilizes an integrated polyethylene board at the back of the harness
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