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Sling-Link, Standard Duty (MEN1-31x5x2)

Price: $42.00
Item Number: 708231152
Sling-Link MAST
Sling-Link MASTSling-Link FoldedSling-Link Fire Drag - Donning 2Sling-Link Fire Drag - Donning 1
The Original, Patented Sling-Link M.A.S.T. (Multiple Application Service Tool)

The Sling-Link M.A.S.T. is designed for the fire/rescue service as a tool to be utilized in the "Save Our Own" program.
Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) and FAST teams. The MAST is used by some of the most advanced rescue teams and rescue instructors in the country.
For years, Rescue Technology has manufactured this device. Now we are the exclusive manufacturer AND distributor of the Sling-Link product line.

Loops are color-coded to aid in donning (Red = Legs; Yellow = Arms; Green = Grab). Optional Sling-Link Bag with Belt attachment or Rapid Deployment Pouch (RDP) with quick-release.

The Sling-Link is a tool that could be carried in a bunker pant pocket to be available for multiple functions;
including rigging equipment, rescue, a way out, and also for use as an OSHA-approved lifting sling.

Each MAST meets NFPA Standard 1983 (06 Edition) as a Harness.
The uses of the Sling-Link MAST are unlimited; they are simple, and they work.

Patent # D 602 638

Loop Strength: 4,500 lbf (20 kN)
Weight: 8.8 oz.

708231152 Sling-Link, Standard MEN1-31x5x2
7082931 MB-31 Sling-Link Bag, Standard (MEN31)


This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer.

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MB-31 Sling-Link Bag, Standard (MEN31)
Bag design to hold the Sling-Link MEN1-31x5x2 M.A.S.T. (Multiple Application Service Tool). Designed for easy access from either end of the bag. Attaches to belt of SCBA underneath the tank.
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