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SearchCAM 3000

Price: $16,600.00
Item Number: 21709930001
SAVOX SearchCAM 3000
SAVOX SearchCAM 3000SearchCAM 3000 VDU

The new standard for Technical Search and Rescue Cameras
Lightweight and portable, the SearchCam 3000 is constructed using aircraft aluminum wit ha hard anodized finish. The interchangeable tube sets connect using threaded couplers - enlarged to ensure ease of use while wearing gloves. The unit features significant improvements over the SearchCam2000. Record video, voice, and still images. Detachable head is waterproof and can be lowered into dusty, harsh, and wet void spaces. Articulating camera hear is power driven wit ha high precision, clutch protected motor with steel gears and ball bearings.

  • Kit Includes:
  • Power Module
  • Standard Tube Set
  • Gearbox/Audio module
  • Environmental Sleeve for Audio Module
  • Color Camera
  • Video Display Unit VDU
  • Headset
  • 4GB SDHC Card
  • Waterproof Storage Case
  • 75' Camera Extension Cable
  • 70' Rope w/ Carabiner
  • Camera Head Rope Coupler
  • Lithium ION Batteries (4)
  • Gang Charger Sun Shield
  • Tube Strap
  • VOID Orientation Guide

Model# Description
2170993000 Probe w/ Audio

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