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Harken Power Drive Adaptor
Power Drive Adaptor for Harken Winch
Price: $31.50
Power Drive Adaptor for Harken Winch
Drive adaptor for Cordless drills to be used for Harken Winches.
Harken LokHead Winch
Harken LokHead Winch
Price: $2,825.00
Harken LokHead Winch
Man-Riding portable capstan winch designed for confined space or work-at-height. Captive head allows the winch to be used safely and keeps the rope from accidentally releasing
Riggers Winch 500
Harken Riggers Winch 500
Price: $1,735.00
Harken Riggers Winch 500
The Riggers Winch provides the user with a lightweight, two-speed, self-tailing CE certified, portable winch mounted to a robust adaptor plate.
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