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Ruth Lee Ltd has designed and manufactured high quality rescue equipment and training manikins for over 30 years in the UK. They have partnered with Rescue Technology to bring their market leading success to the US. All the different models are made in exactly the same way, with an inner body weighted with aggregate to human proportions, held inside the outer carcass. The aggregate is distributed around the body in weighted packets in such a way that slumping of the weight is prevented, allowing the dummy to maintain its form during and after use. The three main types, Flame Retardant (FR), Water Rescue (WR) and Fire & Rescue Duty Range (F&R), all use different materials; the F&R dummies (our most popular models) use a tough Polyester, Nylon and polyurethane foam, while the FR models are made using a mixture of Nomex, polyester, and heat resistant foam. The WR manikins use Polyester, Nylon mesh, and non absorbent foam. All manikins apart from the FR models are reinforced using high density polypropylene webbing.

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Pool Rescue / Lifeguard Manikin
Ruth Lee Pool Rescue Manikin
Price: From $780.00 to $1,000.00
The Pool Rescue manikin has been designed in consultation with the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS) and is a revolutionary new product which allows trainee lifeguards to learn vital skills. See the video link at bottom.
Ruth Lee Confined Space Manikin
Ruth Lee Confined Space Multi-Part Manikin, 110 lbs.
Price: $1,300.00
A modified version of the F&R Duty Manikin. Manikin splits into smaller parts with no individual component weighing more than 55 lbs. (25 kg) Due to its detachable limbs it is easier to position in your rescue scenario.
Ruth Lee Patient Handling Manikin
Ruth Lee Patient Handling Manikin
Price: From $910.00 to $940.00
Avoid costly staff absences through effective training. Whole team can participate - no one has to volunteer to be the patient! The weight range of the manikins, lets you tailor your training to your teams requirements.
Ruth Lee Working at Height Manikin
Ruth Lee Working at Height Rescue Manikin
Price: From $1,225.00 to $1,425.00
An extremely tough manikin for Working at Height training in many industries: Wind Turbines, Telecommunications, Stage /Theatre, Scaffolding, Police/Military, Maritime, Factories & Industry, Fire & Rescue, Cleaning and Maintenance, Construction,
Shoutbox Fire & Rescue Training Manikin
Price: From $1,900.00 to $2,250.00
Our most popular Training Manikin is now "Pre-Kitted" with the new Shoutbox voice box and hood. One part number to fit your audio manikin needs.
Ruth Lee Mass Casualty Training Manikin - Grass
Ruth Lee Mass Casualty Training Manikin
Price: $445.00
A cost effective manikin when large numbers of casualties are required. Weight of 17.5 lbs and are perfect for a large, multi agency exercise were a large number of casualties//bodies are required to be seen but not necessarily rescued
Ruth Lee Avalanche Manikin
Ruth Lee Avalanche GEN2 Training Manikin
Price: $1,450.00
The Avalanche Manikin was developed after a request from Scottish Mountain Rescue. Made from durable PVC and is filled with foam to give the bulk and firmness of a body while also being lightweight (22 lbs) and easy to maneuver.
Ruth Lee
"Bernard" K-9 Rescue Training Manikin
Price: From $620.00 to $825.00
The Bernard K-9 Manikin was created to help rescuers deal with either K-9 victims or Working Dogs in the vertical environment.
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