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Team Distraction
32 Borough Road
Kingston Upon Thames

Dear Lawrence and all at Ruth Lee ,

On behalf of my team I would like to thank you for the use of your product.

We started out in the morning with a few jokes and a very light hearted approach and I think the only serious crew members were those who have been close to going over and those who have been over and participated in the recovery, so when we started with the first hail of man over board the jokes faded away and all the crew knuckled down to get the doll recovered as quickly and as rhythmic as possible.

After all 10 of the crew had rotated positions of watch leader, helm and the rescue from the rail crew we soon realised the benefit of using your doll proved the reality that we could come up against and how we will be able to revert back to the day on the Solent with the generous help from Ruth Lee.

All the RYA qualification that we carry as a crew, we all agree that there is no substitute for the reality of your doll in man over board drills.

I am preparing a document for the RYA regarding the lack of training given during there courses and I am going to include your company and product in my recommendations. I do hope this will inspire yacht schools to invest in your products.

Thank you for your help.

Matt Hannaby

Team Distraction

Lawrence Lee is 4th from the right holding the manikin

Team Distraction



Technical Rescue Consultants Testimonial

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