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Ruth Lee ShoutBox

Price: From $1,262.00 to $1,416.00

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Ruth Lee ShoutBox
Ruth Lee ShoutBoxRuth Lee ShoutBoxRuth Lee ShoutBox HoodRuth Lee ShoutBox HoodRuth Lee ShoutBoxRuth Lee ShoutBox Kit
Interactive Voice Recorder!

The ShoutBox can be used in conjunction with any Ruth Lee Adult Training Manikin with an anatomically shaped head and will radically change how rescue training is carried out. The ShoutBox is an interactive voice recorder that allows the instructor to record a message specific to the day's training exercise. For example, in a search and rescue exercise, the instructor can have the manikin call out a pre-recorded message to rescuers or make coughing sounds to alert the rescuers of its presence. The ShoutBox can emit sounds in a loop (with user-selectable repeat intervals) or have the message play by sound activation. The ShoutBox Kit (Part #23959512)comes complete with a hood with a mesh front to avoid sound distortion and carries CE certification. Fits adult-sized General Purpose, Haz-Mat, and Multi-Trauma Manikins. Manikin not included.

Part # Description
23959510 Shout Box Kit (ShoutBox and Hood)
23959511 Shout Box only
23959515 Shout Box Hood


This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer.

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Ruth Lee ShoutBox Hood - Only
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Ruth Lee ShoutBox Hood - Only
Accessory Hood for Ruth Lee Manikins to hold the Shoutbox Voice Recorder.
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Shoutbox Extrication Manikin Kit
A combined Multi-Trauma Manikin and Shoutbox manikin voice box creates an advanced extrication training manikin complete with sound. Simulates impalement and leg/arm amputation.
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