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Ruth Lee Lifeguard Training Manikin - Aquatics International Special

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Pool Rescue / Lifeguard Manikin
Pool Rescue / Lifeguard ManikinRuth Lee Pool Rescue / Lifeguard ManikinPool Rescue / Lifeguard ManikinPool Rescue / Lifeguard ManikinPool Rescue / Lifeguard ManikinPete DeQuincy & Jennifer Wegener

The Lifeguard training manikin was designed in consultation with the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS) and is a revolutionary new product that allows trainee lifeguards to learn vital skills. See the video link below.

Once thrown into the pool, the manikin quickly sinks beneath the surface, and lifeguards can train to retrieve it from the bottom, tow it to the side using various towing techniques, and perfect their lifting techniques. All use one manikin instead of switching between plastic torsos and live volunteers!



  • Carefully designed and tested to create realistic buoyancy - it will sink, yet is buoyant enough to float when being towed.
  • It will feel like an unconscious person in the water.
  • A more practical challenge than using live volunteers who may try to assist the trainee subconsciously.
  • Reduces the need to use volunteers in training scenarios, avoiding potential injury and any embarrassment caused by close personal contact.
  • Greatly improves performance - trainers can easily spot weaknesses such as slow towing, as the manikin's legs will sink if a consistent speed is not maintained.
  • Flexible arms, reinforced with strong webbing, allow the arms to be raised aloft, letting lifeguards practice hauling the victim from the water using correct lifting techniques.
  • No need to switch from plastic torso dummy to real volunteer part way through training. This manikin can be fetched from the bottom of the pool, towed to the side, and recovered from the water - promoting more realistic and effective training, ultimately making lifeguards even better!
  • Constructed using a reinforced Nylon mesh which allows water ingress, meaning the manikin will sink when placed in water.
  • Mesh allows for ventilation and rapid draining when the manikin is retrieved from the water.
  • Detailed care instructions will be provided with the manikin.
  • Dry Weight: 66 lbs (30 kg)

  • Part # Description Weight Height Mfg Part NSN Number
    2395016030 Adult 66 lbs (30 kg) 5' 3" RLNPR

    Special Materials:

    Constructed from the same flame retardant material used in Police ballistic/stab vests, offering 4x the strength and abrasion resistance of 16oz canvas or P.V.C. (conforms to OEKO-TEX Standard 100, BS EN ISO 12947-2 & 14116: 2008). High-density polypropylene webbing (25mm rated to 207 Kg, 50mm rated to 440 kg). Buoyancy characteristics are achieved using closed cell foam and PVC pellets with s.g. 1.5.


    Due to the construction of this product, which is manufactured with a plastic spine, it is important to to properly 'unfold' the manikin before use. It is a straightforward process that takes minutes. It is possible that your manikin will be delivered in a folded position and therefore, it may be necessary to re-straighten the torso for optimum performance.

  • Simply lay the manikin flat on the floor, face down and then pull the legs up over the back to the shoulders.
  • Hold in this position for around 20 seconds.
  • This should be sufficient to readjust the internal structure.
  • When you begin using the manikin, if it doesn't lie flat on the surface of the pool when you throw it in, repeat the process described above.

  • Note: Dragging the manikin across a non-slip floor can cause the "feet" to abrade (optional protective socks are available.
  • Pool Manikin Video

    Click HEREto view the Pool Rescue Manikin YouTube video.


    I would hands down recommend this training product to any aquatic facility looking to beef up the caliber of instruction or staff training. Yes, the upfront cost is substantial ($1000). However, I truly believe this will dramatically improve staff capabilities and continue to be used for many years. Lakeview Aquatic Consultants Ltd.

    Having the opportunity to try out the manikin during the conference (AOAP) opened my eyes to how inefficient our current submersible manikin was. I really wanted my lifeguard team to understand how different a submerged victim feels. Your manikin comes so much closer than the equipment we currently have. Within the last two weeks, we have already used your manikin four times more than the equipment we have had for the last four years! My team has a better understanding of the feeling of an actual victim. We are very impressed with the manikin and are truly thankful for the opportunity to have one in our facility. Jen Wegener, Aquatics Supervisor


    This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer.

    For information go to:

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