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Z-Drag Crib sheets
Z-Drag Crib sheets
Price: $7.25
Technical Rescue Field Operations Guide
Technical Rescue Field Operations Guide, 5th Ed.
Price: $27.00
This best selling guide covers Rope rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, Trench Rescue, Structural Collapse and Helicopter Operations. Its designed to compliment a full training course for easy reference of important step by step procedures
Technical Rescue Riggers Guide - 3rd ed.
Technical Riggers Guide - 3rd edition
Price: $35.00
Contains illustrations and photographs for quick reference for modern rope rescue techniques. This handy guide displays pulley systems, tandem prusik belays, knots, bends, and hitches, litter packaging, and Dual Capability, Two Tension Rope Systems.
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Catalog, PDF 38MB
Catalog PDF,28.7 MB


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