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RescueTECH Stretchers

RescueTECH stretchers represent the next generation for our patient handling products.  Available in both Stainless Steel and Cold-Rolled Steel frames, the stretchers have a full mesh lining that increases patient comfort and immobilization stability
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RescueTECH Stainless Steel Rectangular Stokes Stretcher
RT Stainless Steel Rectangular Stokes Stretcher
Price: $699.00
Stainless steel version of our Rectangular Stokes Stretcher. Includes Mesh insert with a .25 diamond pattern for greater strength, and better patient packaging. Rescue-grade nylon Quick-Fit Straps. Strength using standard rigging points: 2550 lbf.
RescueTECH Stainless Steel Tapered Stokes Rescue Stretcher
RT Stainless Steel Tapered Stokes Rescue Stretcher
Price: $699.00
Based upon Junkin's top of the line Military Stainless Steel stretcher. This stretcher meets the Mil-Spec 2,500 lb load rating when tested from stretcher ends. Includes Rescue Grade Stretcher Straps.
RescueTECH Extra-Wide Stokes
RT Extra-Wide Stainless Steel Stokes
Price: $825.00
For those special rescues where the basic sized stretcher will not work. 32 wide at the rail and lined with our 0.25 diamond pattern durathene mesh. Included 4 rescue-grade patient straps. Strength at standard rigging points: 2,550 lbf.
RescueTECH Rectangular Stokes Stretcher
RT Rectangular Stokes Stretcher
Price: $420.00
The Rectangular Stretcher builds on our popular Tapered Stretcher design. It is designed to be symetrical from end-to-end and to allow larger sized, rectangular backboards to easily fit inside. Strength using standard rigging points: 2550 lbf.
RescueTECH Stokes Stretcher
RescueTECH Stokes Stretcher
Price: $420.00
The RT Stretcher provides an economical choice for the rescue professional. Cold Rolled tubing and a full length steel strip backing for strength and rigidity. Strength using standard rigging points: 2550 lbf.
RescueTECH Confined Space Stokes Stretcher
RT Confined Space Stokes Stretcher
Price: $420.00
An updated version of the traditional wire mesh stretcher. This version features our popular 0.25 durathene mesh insert and rescue-grade straps. Tested to 1500 lbs. Dimensions: 81 1/2" x 18 3/8" x 7 3/4"
RescueTECH Stretcher Equipment Pack
RescueTECH Stretcher Equipment Pack
Price: $100.00
Two zippered pockets hold webbing, hardware, litter bridles, victim harnesses, and much more. Come complete with carrying handle. Stretcher attachment system is complete with high strength buckles.
RescueTECH Clik-Lok Stretcher Lashing Set
Clik-Lok Stretcher Lashing Set
Price: $210.00
Updated Stokes Lashing set uses our rescue-grade Clik-Lok Buckles. These buckles click together like a seat belt buckle. Buckle requires that both release tabs be depressed before the buckle. Includes 5 Straps and Deluxe Storage Bag
RescueTECH Quick-Fit Patient Lashing Set
Quick-Fit Patient Lashing Set
Price: $165.00
A set of lashing straps designed for use in the vertical environment. These 2-piece, rescue grade straps allow for proper external lashing of of the patient in the stretcher.
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