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RescueTECH EGRESS-N Escape Kit (White/Blue)

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RescueTECH EGRESS-N Escape Kit (White/Blue)

A non-aramid version of our popular EGRESS Kits. Assembled using our EGRESS-N Nylon/Polyester NFPA Personal Escape Rope, Nylon Escape pouch, AutoLocking Rigging Carabiners, and RescueTECH ESCAPE descender. To use, simply open outer pouch, grasp the Autolocking Rigging Carabiner, and pull from bag. The 8mm EGRESS-N Personal Escape Rope (NFPA) makes this PER an economical choice over the heat-resistant EGRESS. Manufactured of Nylon and Polyester, this certified cord works well with most Escape Descenders. Strength: 5,000 lbf. CUSTOM LENGTHS AVAILABLE 

1Bailout 8 Descender
1NFPA Offset Carabiners
1Rescue TECH Escape Snap
11000 den Cordura Pouch

Color: White/Blue

Part # Description Rope Length Weight
5253328050 EGRESS-N / Snap 50 ft. 2.58 lbs.
5253328070 EGRESS-N / Snap 70 ft. 3.6 lbs.
5253328070 EGRESS-N / Snap 100 ft. 5.15 lbs.
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