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RescueTECH Rescue 'D' Carabiner, Screwgate (Black)-CLEARANCE

MSRP: $30.00
Sale Price: $21.25
Item Number: X6050183
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RescueTECH Large Rescue 'D' Carabiner Black

The Basic Tool of Rescue - UL certified
Traditional design facilitates use in all rescue systems. Special plating with black chromate distinguishes this American-made carabiner. Gate Locking design prevents the Screw-Lok locking collar from jamming as a result of being tightened after load is applied. Exceeds ANSI/OSHA Strength requirements.

UL Certified NFPA General Use

Part # Description Strength WLL Dimensions Gate Opening Weight
6050183 Screwgate 16,187 lbf. (72 kN) 1,619 lbs (736 kg) 4.9 x 2.9 (125 x 73.5mm) 1.02 (25.5mm) 10.3 oz. (293gm)


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