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Quik-Pik 2:1 Pick Off Strap
Price: $66.00
An updated version of our 2:1 Pick-Off Strap. Forged Aluminum Autolocking snap makes victim attachment a breeze. Forged Steel D ring rescuer attachment
RT 2:1 Pick Off Strap
Price: $45.00
Used for patient pick-off situations. Configuration allows for 2:1 and 3:1 mechanical advantage for easier handling of loads. Materials: 1 3/4" Heavy Duty nylon webbing with forged D-ring and adjuster buckles.
RT Transfer Sling
RT Transfer Sling
Price: $40.00
Ideal for Rescue Pick-Offs. Manufactured of heavy duty TECHWeb 1 3/4" flat webbing and has a forged "D" ring sewn in one end and a "V" ring adjuster on the other end. Adjusts by pulling on the hand loop. The "V" ring adjuster buckle slips at 4,500 lls
Heavy Duty Load Release Strap Set
Load Release Strap w/ Carabiner, Set
Price: $50.00
Updated version of our original Heavy Duty Load Release Strap. Updated to include the carabiner with storage strap. Uses 15,000 lbf. large rigging "D" rings (3" x 2.55). 10,000 lbf. TECHWeb is used to provide superior strength/abrasion resistance.
Reactor "Y" Rope Access Twin Leg Lanyard
Price: $215.00
A Twin-Leg static kernmantle rope lanyard with and integrated webbing shock absorber. 1000 lbf maximum impact force. Complete with Ladder Hooks with 2.25 gate opening. Activates at 500 lbf. force.
RT Supoer Duty Load Release Rigging Strap
Large Ring Load Release Strap
Price: $44.00
The Large Ring Load Release Strap uses 15,000 lbf. Extra-Large rigging "D" Rings (5" x 3.35") and a standard Forged "D" on the adjustment part. 10,000 lbf. TECHWeb is used to provide superior strength and abrasion resistance over units using type 13 web
RIT FR Rescue Sling
RIT FR Rescue Sling, 7 ft.
Price: $68.50
Based on the design of our Firefighters RIT Rescue sling, the FR Sling is manufactured of heat Resistant Webbing featuring Kevlar® brand fire resistant fibers. Easily attached heat Resistant pouch is designed to fit belts and to keep the sling available
Daisy Chain
Price: From $19.00 to $29.00
Traditional multiple loop rigging sling with "directional" rigging loops for higher strength. Made from 1" Tubular Webbing. Loop strength of1,500 lbf exceeds that of competing multi-loop straps. Ultimate Strength: 6,800 lbs.
Eye Slings
Eye Slings
Price: From $14.00 to $18.00
Unique Loop Sling with Rigging Eye. Specially constructed loop sling with a rigging eye at one end.
Rescue Descender Link
Rescue Descender Link
Price: $16.00
A multiple loop extension for descenders. Built with the same high strength design as our daisy chains, the directional loops allow multiple adjustments of the overall length of the descender system.
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