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Rescue Headlamp

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Pacific Flashlight Holder for Easy On/Off Base
Price: $18.00
Lamp Bracket for Pacific Helmets with Easi-On attachment bracket.
EOS LED Rescue Headlamp
EOS LED Rescue Headlamp
Price: $49.00
With 3 levels and a regulated Maxbright LED, the EOS delivers a smooth beam of white light in a shock-resistant waterproof housing.
EOS LED Rescue Headlamp-1
EOS II LED Rescue Headlamp
Price: $65.00
he Princeton Tec EOS II is the perfect industrial-use LED headlamp. With 2 brightness modes, you get the perfect amount of light for any job. The EOS II carries the UL safety rating of Class 1, Div 1, Groups A, B, C & D*.
Apex Pro LED Black
Apex Pro LED
Price: $105.00
The Apex Pro LED is a must where ultimate power and function are a demand, and durability is an expectation. The Apex Pro is powered by 2 CR123 lithium batteries protected in a highly durable and waterproof case. 6 power modes.
APEX LED Rescue Headlamp
APEX LED Rescue Headlamp
Price: $97.00
The 3-watt MaxBright LED will shine a spotlight beam up to 180 feet away and the four UltraBright LEDs will cast a steady wide beam or flashing light out as far as 75 feet.
Quad Headlamp
Quad Headlamp
Price: $38.00
Four Ultra-bright LEDs power through the darkest conditions. Tough waterproof housing that will survive severe impacts and water submersion up to one meter.
Yukon HL Rescue Headlamp
Yukon HL Rescue Headlamp
Price: $73.00
Hybrid L.E.D. Technology employs state of the art, 1-watt L.E.D. and 3 high output, 5mm L.E.D.s. The 1-watt L.E.D. rivals the output of incandescent bulbs. For long burn time switch to the 3 L.E.D. array.
Petzl PIXA 2 Rescue Headlamp
Petzl PIXA 2 Rescue Headlamp
Price: $60.00
The Petzl PIXA 2 Rescue Headlamp was designed for the rescuer on the move. 2 Settings for close-range and movement lighting.
Petzl Nao+ E36AHR2B
Petzl NAO+ Rescue Headlamp
Price: From $23.00 to $201.00
Ultra-Powerful, multi-beam rechargeable headlamp with REACTIVE LIGHTING technology that automatically adjusts beam's brightness and pattern
PIXA 3, Rechargeable
Price: From $95.00 to $141.00
Rechargeable version of the popular PIXA 3. Multi-beam headlamp adapted for close-range work, for moving around and for long-range vision
Petzl PIXA 3 Rescue Headlamp
Price: $80.00
Multi-beam headlamp adapted for close-range work, for moving around and for long-range vision.
e+Lite Emergency headlamp
e+Lite Emergency headlamp
Price: $30.00
Long-term dependability, even when kept for years in harsh conditions - can be stored with batteries for up to 10 years and still be operational. Waterproof down to -1 m. Protective case included.
Heads Up L.E.D. Headlamp
Heads Up L.E.D. Headlamp
Price: $40.00
Long-Lasting LED Headlamp A lightweight, compact LED headlamp. A multitude of uses. Three 5mm White LED are reflected by a Vacuum Metalized Polycarbonate.
Heads Up Dual Rescue Headlamp
Heads Up Dual Rescue Headlamp
Price: $46.00
Xenon / Led Combination The Dual Combines Pelican's bright Xenon headlamp with a long-lasting set of three LED lamps. Switch controls Halogen and LED lamps. Tilt head offers 90 degree adjustment.
Heads Up Lite Rescue Headlamp
Heads Up Lite Rescue Headlamp
Price: $53.00
Headlamp Watertight to 500 feet. Adjustable beam with large on/off switch. Corrosion-proof ABS polymer. 4 AA-Cell Energizer alkaline batteries (included). Heat resistant Hypo-Allergenic silicone rubber strap.
Foxfury Discover Fire
Foxfury Discover Fire Headlamp
Price: $140.00
Powerful 120 torch lumen aluminum LED fire helmet light (headlamp). Offers focused and panoramic lighting with 2 light intensities (high and low).
Foxfury Command 20 Tasker S
Foxfury Command Tilt Headlamp
Price: $105.00
72 lumen headlamp with rear (red) safety LED. Safety LED flashes red whenever the light is turned on. Can be tilted up and down and provides panoramic and focused lighting. 3 intensities (low, medium and high). Runs on 4 AA batteries.
Foxfury Instrinsic Tasker
FoxFury Performance Intrinsic Tasker Headlamp
Price: $152.00
Intrinsically Safe LED Helmet Light for structural firefighting, HazMat and hazardous area. Explosion proof (certified UL 913) and meets NFPA Fire Resistant Requirements--500°F (260°C) for 30 minutes.
Foxfury Instrinsic Tasker Fire
FoxFury Performance Intrinsic Tasker FIRE Headlamp
Price: $156.00
Intrinsically Safe LED Helmet Light offering panoramic lighting. Explosion proof (certified UL 913) and meets NFPA Fire Resistant Requirements--500°F (260°C) for 30 minutes. This LED headlamp can be used in hazardous locations.
Command 10 Fire Headlamp
Foxfury Command LoPro Headlamp
Price: $75.00
40 lumen white LED fire helmet light with flashing rear (red) safety LED for use in structural and wildland firefighting, EMS, SAR and USAR. Ultra-slim design accommodates most helmets with minimal clearance room.
Foxfury Command Tilt
FoxFury COMMAND+ Tilt Fire Headlamp
Price: $108.00
Best for structural fire fighting; Slim design fits most safety helmets; Offers panoramic and focused lighting; White and green LEDs enhance depth perception and helps to see (and be seen) through mild to moderate smoke; Rear safety LED (red)
Mini Q-4
UK4AA-AS2 Xenon
Price: $34.50
Extremely bright! Over twice as bright as premium lights of similar size. Provides 4 AA batteries of power in a light approximating the size of lights containing only 2 AA batteries. Optional Helmet Mount.
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