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Reach and Rescue Pro Spring Snare

Price: $425.00
Item Number: 2017185127
Reach and Rescue PRO Snare
Reach and Rescue PRO SnareReach and Rescue PRO SnareReach and Rescue PRO SnareReach and Rescue PRO Snare

USES AND APPLICATIONS: For "lassoing" objects in the water.

HOW TO USE:This tool attaches to the universal sprung button sleeve. It is a spring loaded design which needs to be reset after each snaring. The target is placed inside the loop and a light tug on the pole will release the snare locking onto the target. This tool is designed to quickly ensnare an inanimate object or when the operator has no co-operation from the target i.e animal control and unconscious human retrieval.

MAINTENANCE & PRECAUTIONS:The sleeve and cable should be kept dry, clean and lightly oiled. If the spring of the cable reduces dramatically, contact the supplier.

Pole Not Included

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 12.3 oz (350g)
  • Opening: 46.7" (42cm)
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