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RescueTECH Rescue Rappel Rack
RescueTECH Rescue Rappel Rack
Price: $96.00
An upgraded version of our popular rappel rack. Large bars provide greater strength and control of rescue loads. Top Hyperbar aids in lock-offs.
RescueTECH Rappel Rack& Rappel Rack w/ Hyperbar
RescueTECH Rappel Rack
Price: $82.00
This classic design unit developed in the late 1960's. Primarily designed as a personal rappel device on a single rope 3/8" to 1/2" diameter.
CMI NFPA Rappel Rack
Price: $116.00
Welded eye construction available in parallel or 90 degrees to the bars. The rack comes pre-rigged with 6 angle slotted stainless steel bars. CMI SRACK2BNFPA / SRACK1BNFPA
Petzl Rappel Rack, 5 Bar
Petzl Rappel Rack, 5 Bar
Price: $115.00
Smaller, 5-bar version of our Rappel Rack, the Petzl RACK is a great personal rappel device for cliffs and caves.
RescueTECH Rescue Rack with Hyperbar
RescueTECH Rescue Rack with Hyperbar
Price: $90.00
Heavy duty lowering and rappelling device. Can be placed onto rope at any point. Specially designed straight cut 1" aluminum friction bars accommodate ropes 8mm - 1". Handles double 1/2" ropes with ease.
RescueTECH Rescue Rack
RescueTECH Rescue Rack
Price: $80.00
Our original "U" Frame Rescue Rack. "U" shape provides superior strength compared to open or "J" frame racks.
CMI Mini Rescue Rack w/ Hyperbar & Double Hyperbar
CMI Mini Rescue Rack w/ Hyperbar & Double Hyperbar HYRACKNFPA
Price: From $102.00 to $121.00
A handy alternative for shorter drops and lighter loads. Similar in design to the standard Rescue Rack but uses 5/16" stainless steel for the frame and aluminum for the bars. The top bar is oversized with a single lock-off pin.
CMI Rescue Rack & Rescue Rack w/ Hyperbar
CMI Rescue Rack & Rescue Rack w/ Hyperbar RRACKB1NFPA
Price: From $108.00 to $151.00
Uses 3/8" diameter stainless steel frame fitted with oversized stainless steel "U" Shaped brake bars and aluminum top bar. To compensate for the reduced friction inherent in stainless steel bars, the diameter of the friction surface is a full 1".
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