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Quick-Fit Patient Lashing Set

Price: $170.00
Item Number: 6201530

*All of our kits are made with the most current model of the components. As such, many kits are made-to-order and may require a couple of days to assemble.

RescueTECH Quick-Fit Patient Lashing Set
RescueTECH Quick-Fit Patient Lashing SetQuick-Fit Patient Lashing Set

Includes 5 Lashing Strap Sets

A set of lashing straps designed for use in the vertical environment. These 2-piece,rescue grade straps allow for proper external lashing of of the patient in thestretcher. Comprised of 5 Quick-Fit Stretcher Straps (1 Yellow and 4 Orange),the set allows for Chest, Torso, Above-the-Knee, and Below-the-Knee lashingof the stretcher. The set is designed so that 1 Orange and 1 Yellow strap securesthe chest in a crossing manner to prevent contact of the straps with the patient'sneck. The ends of the straps girth hitch around the lower rail of the stretcher.All contents are packaged in a Special Lanyard pouch to keep the set ready-to-use.

Stretcher Not Included.

Note: Stretcher photo shows only 4 strap sets.

Set Includes:

  • Quick-Fit Stretcher Strap, Orange (4 set)
  • Quick-Fit Stretcher Strap, Yellow (1 set)
  • Carrying Pouch (1 ea.)

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