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Quick-Fit Patient Lashing Set

Price: $140.00
Item Number: 6201530

*All of our kits are made with the most current model of the components. As such, many kits are made-to-order and may require a couple of days to assemble.

Quick-Fit Patient Lashing Set
Quick-Fit Patient Lashing SetQuick-Fit Patient Lashing Set

Includes 5 Lashing Strap Sets

A set of lashing straps designed for use in the vertical environment. These 2-piece, rescue grade straps allow for proper external lashing of of the patient in the stretcher. Comprised of 5 Quick-Fit Stretcher Straps (1 Yellow and 4 Orange), the set allows for Chest, Torso, Above-the-Knee, and Below-the-Knee lashing of the stretcher. The set is designed so that 1 Orange and 1 Yellow strap secures the chest in a crossing manner to prevent contact of the straps with the patient's neck. The ends of the straps girth hitch around the lower rail of the stretcher. All contents are packaged in a Special Lanyard pouch to keep the set ready-to-use. 

Stretcher Not Included. 

Note: Stretcher photo shows only 4 strap sets.

Set Includes:

  • Quick-Fit Stretcher Strap, Orange (4 set)
  • Quick-Fit Stretcher Strap, Yellow (1 set)
  • Carrying Pouch (1 ea.)

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