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Prusik Minding Pulleys

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RescueTECH 2.5
RescueTECH 2.5" Double Prusik Minding Rescue Pulley (PMP)
Price: $95.00
The 2.5" Double PMP is RescueTECH's basic general use rescue pulley. This American made pulley is strong, lightweight and durable.
RescueTECH 2.5
RescueTECH 2.5" Single PMP*2
Price: $60.00
The 2.5" Single PMP*2 is an updated version of RescueTECH's most popular general use rescue pulley. Increase strength (11,240 lbf / 50 kN).
CMI Stainless Steel Lite Pulley
3" Stainless Steel Double Rescue Pulley - CMI RP105D
Price: $153.00
High strength pulleys designed for ropes up to 5/8" diameter. 3" sheave diameters. Features stainless steel sideplates and aluminum pulley sheave. Extra large rigging point accepts two rescue carabiners. bronze bushing or sealed bearing. RP105D
CMI Micro PMP, Double
RescueTECH Micro PMP, Double
Price: $95.50
A smaller version of the RT Rescue Double PMP. Designed to be used with smaller ropes in load transfer systems or small haul rigs
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