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Personal Escape Rescue Descender

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RescueTECH ISC Wales Descender D2 Escape
D2 Escape Descender
Price: $105.00
Our newest Escape Descender for our EGRESS escape ropes. Allows for quick deployment and adjustment before the bail out. Rotating Handle provides exceptional control. Double Stop for safety.
SMC Escape 8
Escape 8 For Bailout
Price: $25.75
A compact Figure 8 style Escape descender with ears for quick personal escapes
Anthron DSD Plus
Anthron DSD PLUS Descender
Price: $127.00
Descender with double locking and anti-panic system: self braking in case of accidental loss of descent control. Rubberized handle enables smooth descent without harmful rope twisting. No movable flanges which makes it robust and less likely for mistakes
RescueTECH Escape Extension Strap
Escape Extension Strap, Fire Resist
Price: $55.00
A handy fire resistant extension sling for use with Escape Belts and Harnesses.
CMI Quick Escape Descender (QXD)
CMI Quick Escape Device (QXD)
Price: $29.00
Unlike other devices, the QXD is designed to be used with a gloved hand and the natural instinct of squeezing the rope stops or slows the descent.
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