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RescueTECH Pack ID Labels

RescueTECH Packs are now produced with an attachment system for ID patches. The USAR-TECH, USAR-TECH II, USAR-OPS, and the Deluxe and Basic Rope & Equipment Packs can be used with our ID patches. The high quality embroidered panels can identify the function, ownership, and much more. Panels may be changed when packs are reproduced.
Custom Patches are Available. Call for Pricing

  • Compatible with the fillowing packs:
  • Deluxe Equipment
  • Basic Equipment

Model# Description
80899101 USAR (2 x 6")
80899102 HAUL (2 x 6")
80899103 MAIN (2 x 6")
80899104 BELAY (2 x 6")
80899105 RIGGING (2 x 6")
80899106 RESCUE (2 x 6")
80899107 CONFINED SPACE (2 x 6")
80899501 RIT (3 x 6")

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RescueTECH Basic Rope & Equipment Pack
Basic Rope & Equipment Pack
Price: From $190.00 to $199.00
Basic Rope & Equipment Pack
A "no-frills" version of our Deluxe Rope & Equipment Pack.
RescueTECH USAR-OPS Rope & Equipment Pack
USAR-OPS Rope & Equipment Pack
Price: From $250.00 to $265.00
USAR-OPS Rope & Equipment Pack
A slightly smaller version of our popular USAR TECH II Rope and Equipment Pack, the Standard Rescue pack is durable and versatile.
RescueTECH RESCUER Equipment Pack
RescueTECH RESCUER Equipment Pack
Price: $275.00
RescueTECH RESCUER Equipment Pack
A Larger Version of our Deluxe Equipment Pack featuring our Expanding Compartment Storage System gives rescuers extra room for needed equipment
RescueTECH Deluxe Equipment Pack Red
RT Deluxe Equipment Pack
Price: $225.00
RT Deluxe Equipment Pack
RescueTECH's original rescue equipment pack designed for convenient transport of a large quantity of equipment.
RescueTECH USAR-Tech II Rope and Equipment Pack
USAR-Tech II Rope and Equipment Pack
Price: From $485.00 to $490.00
USAR-Tech II Rope and Equipment Pack
An upgraded version of our original USAR-TECH Pack. We've added exterior zippered pouches to hold quickly needed equipment.
RescueTECH USAR-TECH Rope & Equipment Bag
USAR-TECH Rope & Equipment Bag
Price: From $395.00 to $405.00
USAR-TECH Rope & Equipment Bag
A full backpack style equipment storage/carrier. Features a rope bag section with room for 200 ft. of 1/2 Access Lifeline PLUS space for a pre-rig rescue system..
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