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OP Offset 'D' Carabiner, Screw-Lok

Price: From $27.50 to $28.95

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RescueTECH Offset 'D' Carabiner Black

The best of American-Made carabiners. High strength, heat treated 7/16" diameter alloy steel, and large gate opening, make this the ideal carabiner for rescue. Plated with gold or black chromate to increase resistance to corrosion. Gate Locking design of the locking collar helps prevent accidental over-locking of gate after load is applied. Screw-Lok with internal threads to eliminate rope wear. Each carabiner is marked with strength and manufacturing batch number. Meets NFPA 1983, ANSI, OSHA strength requirements.

Part # Description Strength WLL Dimensions Gate Opening Weight Color
6050170 Screw-Lok 11,466 lbf. (51 kN) 1147 lbs (521 kg) 4.35 x 2.65 (109.6 x 66.8mm) .944 (23.8 mm) 7.4 oz. (209.8 gm) Gold
6050171 Screw-Lok 11,466 lbf. (51 kN) 1147 lbs (521 kg) 4.35 x 2.65 (109.6 x 66.8mm) .944 (23.8 mm) 7.4 oz. (209.8 gm) Black

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NFPA - Technical Use Offset Aluminum Carabiner. UL Certified NFPA-T. Strength: 6,745 lbf (30 kN).
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