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Ruth Lee Multi-Trauma-GEN2 Training Manikin

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Ruth Lee Multi-Trauma Training Manikin-RLMMT50
Ruth Lee Multi-Trauma Training Manikin-RLMMT50Ruth Lee Multi-Trauma Training Manikin-RLMMT50Ruth Lee Multi-Trauma Training Manikin-RLMMT50Ruth Lee Multi-Trauma Training Manikin-RLMMT50Ruth Lee Multi-Trauma Training Manikin-RLMMT50Ruth Lee Multi-Trauma Training Manikin-RLMMT50Ruth Lee Multi-Trauma Training Manikin-RLMMT50Ruth Lee Multi-Trauma Training Manikin-RLMMT50Ruth Lee Multi-Trauma Training Manikin-RLMMT50Ruth Lee Multi-Trauma Training Manikin-RLMMT50

GEN2 Version

The Multi-Trauma-GEN2 Manikin evolved from the Blast and Impaled Victim Manikin to combine all the features of these manikins in one product. Additionally, the head has been redesigned to allow the fitting of an extrication collar. So now you have in one manikin a General Purpose rescue manikin that can also simulate an amputated arm and leg, an impaled torso, and a suspect neck injury. The hole on the torso's left keeps a spike firmly in place. The right arm and right leg are fully detachable to simulate an amputation, or by partially releasing the locking straps, the limb can be weakly attached. It will fall off if the rescuer does not correctly assess and support the injury. The manikin is supplied with sturdy boots that greatly protect the legs if the manikin is dragged along the ground, and are user-replaceable if badly damaged.

The Multi-Trauma-GEN2 Rescue manikin can simulate impalements or amputations, adding difficulty to any training exercise. Made from the same rugged Polyester as the Fire & Rescue Manikin, these manikins are tough enough to be used in Confined Spaces, USAR incidents, Chemical/Biological Hazard, Road Traffic Collision (RTC) & general handling exercises.

The removable limbs can also simulate partial amputations. In this way, the limb may fall off during recovery if the rescuer does not make a thorough injury assessment!

  • Anatomically correct weight distribution gives the 'feel' of an unconscious person.
  • A Polypropylene plastic sleeve allows the introduction of an impalement - scaffold poles, concrete reinforcing bars, and fence posts can all be used for this purpose.
  • The right arm and leg can be completely or partially detached to provide real interest to your training exercises.
  • Strong enough to be buried under concrete or steel lintels without damage (care should be taken with the plastic sleeve) - these manikins are tough!
  • The Polyester is waterproof, making it suitable for wet or foul scenarios such as Hazmat/ CBRN, as it can be more easily cleaned and dried than canvas models.
  • The neck can fit an immobilization/extrication collar - to promote proper casualty care.
  • Soft body joints eliminate the risk of pinch welts and bruising, a common injury when using plastic-bodied manikins.
  • Protective consumables, including tough drag protectors, coveralls, and boots, greatly extend the life of the manikin and help save you costs.
  • **C-Collar not included**

    Part # Weight Height
    2395004030 66 lbs. (30 kg) 5' 11"
    2395004050 110 lbs. (50 kg) 5' 11"
    2395004070 154 lbs. (70kg) 5' 11"

    TechNOTE - Ruth Lee Training Manikin Coveralls

    Ruth Lee is the only manikin manufacturer that provides clothing with their products. All Ruth Lee Rescue Training Manikins include coveralls. Manikins 44 lbs and up also include lug sole boots. None is found on Bullex products, and Simulaids only adds thin gym shorts. While the strength-reinforced coveralls protect the manikin, they are NOT deemed Wear-proof. Their specific design is to provide a replaceable, washable layer that helps protect the manikin. The coveralls are designed to wear and must be replaced to protect the manikin carcass. The use of the manikins should mimic that of dragging a similarly dressed victim. The wear resistance of the coveralls should be considered on par with clothing usually worn by the victims. The included coveralls protect the manikin when used during rescue training. The coveralls are not designed to endure the rigors of firefighter drags or physical agility training. The coveralls and boots should be seen as disposable items and replaced when showing signs of wear or damage to protect the main body of the manikin. Additional clothing is suggested for use in these activities (Even the Combat Challenge dresses their manikins in turnout Gear for this competition). Treat the coveralls as clothing. They are NOT wear-proof. Protect your investment.


    This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer.

    For information go to:

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