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RescueTECH Adjustable Rescue Stretcher Bridle Kit
RT Adjustable Rescue Stretcher Bridle Kit
Price: From $175.00 to $295.00
Same as our original 4-Point Litter Bridle but with 1.75" forged steel adjusters. Adjusters allow independent adjustment of the four support straps during rescue. Complete with 3" forged "O" ring, Tender Rope and Storage Bag.
RescueTECH 2-Piece Litter Pre-Rig
RT 2-Piece Litter Pre-Rig
Price: $145.00
The Litter Pre-Rig is a fully adjustable bridle intended for use with any stokes litter. The unique "Y" suspension system drastically reduces congestion at the upper attachment point. Adjustable to a minimum height of 18" above litter
RescueTECH Convertible Litter Bridle w/ Snaps
RT Convertible Litter Bridle w/ Snaps
Price: $125.00
Ideal for all standard lifting applications. Designed for single rope rigging, the 4 Point Litter Bridle attaches directly to the railing of all types of stretchers.
RescueTECH Low-Angle Litter Bridle
RT Low-Angle Litter Bridle
Price: $85.00
Ideal for scree-slope and other low angle litter operations. Provides stable, secure connection. Manufactured of high strength webbing and forged steel hardware. Attaches to sides and end of litter. Stength: 5,100 lbs. Weight: 2.3 lbs. Color: Black
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