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Knot Passing Carriage Pulleys

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CMI Stainless Steel Carriage Pulley
Stainless Steel Carriage Pulley CMI RP143
Price: $206.00
Stainless steel sideplates put this Highline Carriage Pulley a cut above the rest, providing the highest strength to weight ratio of any carriage style pulley. Extra wide 3" sheave easily passes knots in 1/2" rope. CMI RP143
Petzl Kootenay Knot Passing Carriage Pulley
Kootenay Knot Passing Carriage Pulley
Price: $201.00
High efficiency sealed ball bearings. Locking pins allow use as an anchor. Fits ropes from 5/16" to 3/4". Individually tested.
Rock Exotica Kootenay ULTRA
Rock Exotica Kootenay ULTRA
Price: $230.00
The original Kootenay knot passing pulley was proposed by the legendary Arnor Larson in the late '80's and was made by Rock Exotica.
RSI Knot Passing Pulley
Knot Passing Pulley
Price: $130.00
Heavy Duty knot passing pulleys. Rotating sideplates and a rigging point that will accommodate three 13mm carabiners. Aluminum pulley sheave for durability. Accommodates up to 1/2" rope.
RSI Extra-Large Knot Passing Pulley
Extra-Large Knot Passing Pulley
Price: $310.00
EXTRA WIDE PULLEY - for ropes up to 5/8" diameter The Extra-Wide Pulley is the only pulley that will pass knots in 5/8" ropes. 3" wide sheave with Oilite bushing.
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